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  1. That_moron2

    Gooey Commits a Mutiny(Gooey vs Mario)

    Battle takes place in Nintendo Headquarters Post Star Allies Gooey and Base Mario are used. Artifacts are restricted for Mario. Speed is equal. Gooey: Mario: Incon:
  2. CrackerVolley

    God's Silliest Soldiers - Gooey vs Faust [Completed]

    I was today years old when I found out that Pre-Canvas Curse Kirby and Guilty Gear have similar AP values, so prepare for more stupid matches in the future. Also, I'm pretty sure 5-A means Ghost powers are restricted due to Kirby Fighters taking place later in the timeline. If not, GG characters...
  3. JustANormalLemon

    Zero vs Zero(Kirby verse)(GRACE)

    Well, this should be interesting ZERO VS ZERO-TWO RULES: The battle takes place in in the planet POP star IDK the rest... THE WHITE BLOB WITH A RED EYE THAT BLEEDS: 7 (Eficiente, Vizer04, TyranoDoom30, Sonicflare9, RandomGuy2345, Oleggator, Coolboy6) THE WHITE BLOB WITH A RED EYE THAT...
  4. The_real_cal_howard

    Quick Kirby resistance

    Kirby takes zero damage from Metroids (don't ask) in KDL3. Obviously doesn't mean much because well...it's not canon to the Metroid series (so no Phazon shiz or anything like that lol), but it should grant him a resistance to life force absorption. They try to do that to Kirby and it fails...
  5. Eficiente

    Gooey vs Hero (Dragon Quest IX) - Grace

    Speed = Hero (Dragon Quest IX): 0 Gooey: 7 (Stalker Maggot, Tonipelimies, Kiet Nguyen Tuan, Yellowpig10, 00potato, The God Of Procrastination, Ionliosite) Inconclusive: 0
  6. Ailamiona

    chuchu vs gooey

    both are 4-A speed equalized battle takes place in Grass Land win via death (because incapacitation would make this a stomp) Gooey and ChuChu both have acess to copy abilities before fight and cannot change them or get knocked out of them during fight octopus noises death himself ChuChu...
  7. The_real_cal_howard

    Moge-ko vs Gooey

    Because why not. . Speed equal