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  1. CrackerVolley

    Hungry Bastards (Gluttony vs Theory Goats)

    3 (Three) Human Domain Theory Goats are being used. Fight takes place in an inert version of the Specimen 12 mansion. The goats are 15 feet apart from Gluttony and each other. (Just act as it's their boss's orders as a percaution from them getting sucked up in one go.) Speed Equal My least...
  2. cloudyagami

    Maruo Kaido(Ayashimon) vs Gluttony(FMAB)

    Location: Tokyo, Japan public park Gluttony is currently on the loose and hungry(as usual) and has been eating people in the Urara Family's territory, causing the businesses to lose revenue. His rage is starting to build because he can't fulfill his hunger. Urara tasks Maruo with destroying...
  3. KingTempest

    Gluttony (Now Consumption) Page

    A new page for Gluttony. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:KingTempest16/Gluttony_Page Pretty simple. Certain people can counter those who create mass amounts of food by eating mass amounts of food themselves. Some people get stronger by eating it. It's good to draw a line between this...
  4. WeeklyBattles

    FMA Gluttony Minor Revision

    Gluttony is currently rated Building level with his False Gate, but he should not be as the False Gate itself isnt an actual attack with AP, its a long range BFR to his pocket dimension. It shouldnt have an AP rating.
  5. WatchdogMan101

    Gluttony vs Pig God

    The battle takes place in a city. Sin of Gluttony, Literal Bottomless Pit
  6. Seventy96

    Vanilla Ice vs Gluttony

    They have similar powers, so why not? In character Speed equalized if needed Gluttony can't see Cream but can hurt him Location: Viridian Forest Vanilla Ice Cream Sin of Gluttony, Literal Bottomless Pit