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gerald tarrant

  1. Monarch_Laciel

    Randall Flagg VS Gerald Tarrant

    Probably Nyarlathotep vs The First and Last Neocount of Merenthia Speed equalised.
  2. Hl3_or_bust

    Magic Walls Face Off (The Player vs Gerald Tarrant)

    The Player vs Gerald Tarrant >Speed=
  3. Schnee_One

    John Taylor vs Gerard Tarrant

    Also known as Prophet of Breinhard vs Mr Gantastic. Speed is Equal, 9B if you lack common sense and need an explanation. 10 meters range. Gerald Tarrant: John Taylor: Incon: 7
  4. Monarch_Laciel

    Michael Roa Valdamjong vs Gerald Tarrant

    Two immortal vampires SHIKI Roa (9-B) vs Gerald Tarrant Speed equalised The Serpent of Akasha: The Prophet of the One True God: Inconclusive:
  5. Monarch_Laciel

    Arcueid Brunestud VS Gerald Tarrant

    Arceuid is in her Tsukihime (9-B) key Speed is equalized. Battle takes place at night Verse equalisation says earth has fae energy. Arc GER
  6. Monarch_Laciel

    Gerald Tarrant VS Yuichi Sakaki

    Battle for the strongest 9-B with speed equal Can a wall of hax beat "my worldview makes me invincible"? The Hunter The Last One Standing Speed equalised of course
  7. Monarch_Laciel

    Rasalom Vs Gerald Tarrant

    The Adversary The Hunter Speed... unequalised Starting distance 40m Both get a day's prep, but no prior knowledge Rasalom: 0 Gerald: 4 (KinkiestSins, MrKingOfNegativity, DMUA, thatoneguy) Inconclusive: