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equius zahhak

  1. Realjackthegamer312

    Catch these hands (equius vs akaza)

    Equius vs akaza Both are 8-A and speed is equal Akaza: 0 Equius: 0 incon:
  2. Sadistic_Sleuth

    Homestuck: 7-A downgrades

    Hello everyone, welcome to my first CRT post-forum move. This will be covering the whole 7-A feat that every 7-A Homestuck scales to (Except for the Horrorterrors). The Feat that everyone scales to is how Equius decapitated a montain sized monster Now here's the thing: He punched the different...
  3. QuasiYuri

    Homestuck/Pesterquest CRT (and books)

    Since the last Pesterquest route will likely need to be in the Epilogues/HS^2 revision, let's do the rest of it while waiting. Things for everyone (but MSPAR, cause he sucks) So, it's mainly to thing Cosmic/4th Wall Awareness or both: I'll give scans if needed, but it's something which is...
  4. Sadistic_Sleuth

    Homestuck Mid-Tiers downgrade

    Currently, our Homestuck Mid-Tiers are High 4-C for Gamzee tanking a black hole. However, I have a few problems with it Gamzee was in a fridge Gamzee was locked up in a fridge the hole time. The Fridge tanked the black hole, not Gamzee. Gamzee time traveled out of there I recall reading on the...
  5. Gf7tvtvfvtfyvfvfvfvfvfv

    in honur of her and Sollux's Pesterquest routes

    Nepeta vs Equius both are High 4-C speed equalised fight takes place in The Land of Little Cubes and Tea
  6. Nemo212

    Equius Zahhak vs Ender Dragon

    Equius decides to go to the End to fight the Ender Dragon and prove his massive STRENGTH. But will he make it out alive? Battle takes place in the End. Equius is equipped with 1/2 of a bow in his sylladex, his sunglasses, and his bare hands. The Ender Dragon is equipped with seven Ender...
  7. Kople700

    Equius Zahak V.S All might

    I'll delete if this is a mismatch Not-Prime All might used Standard battle assumptions and speed equalized Who wins and why?
  8. The_Wright_Way

    Equius Zahhak vs Overgrown Rover

    Speed equalized. vs.
  9. HomosapienNadayo

    Equius Zahhak v.s Edward Elric (End of Series preferably)

    Curious of what others think.