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energy projection

  1. EnderLord8

    Lifting Strength and Energy Attacks

    Hi, I know this might be a bit of a dumb question, but why exactly can attacks like energy beams not be counted as lifting strength? But wait, don't answer yet, make sure you read what I really mean first... Okay? The famous energy attacks are currently present in many media and many times...
  2. KillerNerd007

    Ichigo upgrades part 1: Getsuga Tensho is built different

    Hi everyone, this is the Bleach nerd in the flesh. I decided to make an entire overhaul on Ichigo's profile by myself, with some help here and there from other Bleach guys, starting with Ichigo's trademark ability, Getsuga Tensho. I noticed that in Ichigo's profile, not a lot of Getsuga Tensho's...
  3. The_Calaca

    Getting rid of Heat Vision

    Heat Vision is a redundant and unnecessary page that can be covered by Energy Projection or Heat Manipulation. This is simple, I think we should delete the page and reword the profiles with it.
  4. ZoroNotZolo

    Calculating Energy Beams?

    Is there a way to calculate the power of energy beams?
  5. ZoroNotZolo

    Calcing Energy Beams?

    Is there a way to calculate the energy of an energy beam? I'm trying to figure something out and this would help me out a lot. Specifically, I would like to know if you can calculate the strength of a beam based on its size (e.g. If the beam's effects can be seen from the Milky-way Galaxy)...
  6. Theblack6host96

    Soul manip, and chi manip

    I have a question about a two similar powerset and how/if they can affect one another. If character A has Soul Manip, could their abilities work on someone (character B) who has Chi Manip? Would they be able to absorb ki/chi blasts for example, since ki is essentially spiritual energy that...