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  1. Mr. Bambu

    Dungeons and Dragons CRT: Murder Planets in Space

    Summary Just a quick little CRT, nothing groundbreaking but in the void of other current D&D CRTs I figured I'd go ahead and post this one. So: Players can kill this thing at high levels, even though it lacks a CR it should at the very least upgrade current CR 34s and above to roughly 2x their...
  2. Mr. Bambu

    D&D Conversion Thread: I'll make whatever you ******' want into a D&D thing.

    I did one of these ages ago on the old forum but sorta dropped it, so here's me, restarting the thing. TL;DR incoming: I will convert something into Dungeons and Dragons format for you. If you're unfamiliar, Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) is a tabletop RPG that's extremely modular, meaning pretty...
  3. Axl233

    Weekly vs Mr.Bambu

    I'm have looked into Zilean's profile and come to the realization that his probably the top 20 most broken character in this wiki,time to fight broken with broken. -Old Wizard vs Old Wizard -Speed is equalized -both have information about each other and 20 days of prep time -battle takes...
  4. MrKingOfNegativity

    Elminster Aumar VS Ahzek Ahriman

    I'm on my third strike with this thread because apparently Elminster is even more broken than what he's known for. Both characters have very basic knowledge of their opponent and three months to prepare. Ahzek is assumed to be High 5-A. And no, Elminster isn't allowed Mystra's help. The fight...
  5. Dargoo_Faust

    Elminster vs. Tezzeret

    Going into this relatively blind on Elminster, so let's see how this goes. Speed is not equalized. Both have two days of preparations, and the battle takes place on the Metal Island pocket plane (An island of Etherium), and both have access to any and all their equipment. Elminster's 6-B is...
  6. ThePerpetual

    Madara Uchiha vs Elminster Aumar

    Finally finished the latter's profile, decided to celebrate by bringing back a character I find fun to use in Vs Debates (the former.) Both are, after all, in roughly the same ballpark stat-wise and have ridiculous amounts of hax. And of course, if you need any clarification on how any abilities...