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elektra (marvel cinematic universe)

  1. Lacku

    Black Sky Elektra vs. Yor Briar (MCU vs. Spy x Family)

    Yor just got upgraded to 9-A, making her match up with Daredevil outdated. Even though I liked that match up I got an idea from the upgrade. Yor has been sent to New York City by an anonymous contractor, going by the codename "Kingpin", to eliminate the "Devil of Hell's Kitchen", Daredevil. The...
  2. UchihaSlayer96

    Peak Fiction Gets A Glow Up (MCU Daredevil Revision)

    Hey everyone! I promised this a while ago, but I got busy with other projects and kinda forgot about it, but it's finally here! I present to you the best MCU profile for the best MCU character not up for debate I'm afraid 👀...
  3. RanaProGamer

    MCU Elektra vs Catwoman (The Cat)

    Elektra has been brainwashed into becoming the Black Sky by the Hand and is sent to kill The Cat of Gotham City, Selina Kyle. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. 9-B Versions. Black Sky Elektra vs Catwoman (Dark Knight Trilogy) Who wins and why?
  4. Jasonsith

    Ladies go CQC... Elektra vs Jinx

    SBA. Both base form. Speed equalised to Jinx for now. Jinx - 0 Elektra - 0
  5. Continuum19

    Daredevil Revision (Marvel's Daredevil)

    Daredevil and Stick should have low Regenerationn listed on their abilities. It's so strange how I've seen no one on the internet acknowledge this ability in relation to Daredevil himself. In Daredevil season 1 episode 7 Stick states that meditating can heal your wounds faster, Matthew then...
  6. ROLVeBloxxer

    Sara Lance vs Elektra Natchios (MCU)

    9-A, speed equalized
  7. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    MCU Revision

    The Defenders have came out for quite a while, yet no upgrades have been performed up to now. Black Sky Elektra was able to harm Luke Cage, making her Small Building level. Daredevil is capable of fighting Elektra. Iron Fist could harm Luke Cage and Elektra. They all scale to each other. Peak...