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electricity manipulation

  1. The_Smashor

    Electromagnetism question

    How fast does Electromagnetism propagate, and could an electricity user who uses electromagnetism scale to this speed with their electric attacks?
  2. Rodri_"Dante"

    How do you refer to EMPs in pages?

    When refering to the ability to perform EMPs or resist them, are we supposed to link to the Electricity Manipulation page, the Magnetism Manipulation page, or both? If both, how do we write it in pages? Are we supposed to abbreviate it, or do we write it as Electromagnetic Pulse?
  3. MusicRelaxing

    Lightning, is it possible to get the energy?

    Ignore the other thread, the one was a mistake and actually didn't even go to the thread I asked it for. The questions are the same, quoted off of the lightning page; Is it possible to actually get the the values required to get energy (ampere and electric potential difference) without the need...
  4. Baron Bones Respect Thread

    Made a new respect thread focusing on Baron Bones, protagonist of the webcomic Vibe A young and brash witch doctor who defeats manifestations of negative emotions inside others with the help of his spirit companions...
  5. Victikirby15

    Killua Zoldyck vs Ren Tao (Hunter X Hunter vs Shaman King)

    Killua Zoldyck (end of Chimera Ant Arc, Low 7-C) vs Ren Tao (Patch Plant Invasion, 7-C) Speed is equalized. Both start at base No Spirit of Thunder for Ren Killua Zoldyck: Ren Tao: Death Battle didn't do the superior Killua match up so I'm taking matters into my own hands
  6. Flashlight237

    Watt-Hours Usage

    Something crossed my mind recently. So, watt-hours is a unit of energy rather than a unit of power like the watt (which is a joule per second). Thing is, well, I dunno how the watt-hour should be handled. So, here's the article on the unit for reference...
  7. Resistance to electricy = resistance to heat?

    So If there is character that can resist lightning which in 20,000 degrees Celsius, does that mean he can resist other heat like sun surface heat around 5,500 Celcius or other heat manipulation?
  8. Fireld

    Plasma and Electricity speed in different environments?

    Do they change denpending on the evironments, for example when travel conductors such as salty water or metals, intead of travelling in the air? Is this taken into account for calcs?
  9. Spinoirr

    what can you do with these powers

    the power to control Electrons and the power to control Photons
  10. Flashlight237

    Electricity and AP?

    Hey there. So... how does electricity work AP-wise? I mean in the real world, there are several notable examples of electricity.: 9V battery: 9 volts; harmless unless you lick it, then it'd be annoying Household current: 120 volts and 60 Hz. I experienced this myself when I was 8 or 9 and I...
  11. GoldenBoyBlue

    Wally's new ability (As far as I know)

    Wally fights the knockoff Avengers & X-men then gets hit by Thor's lightning only to have that same lightning get sent back with 10x more force. -He can run fast enough to leave a trail of flames (fire) -Generate tornadoes with his arms or run in a circular motion (air) -Redirect lightning...
  12. Epsilon_R

    Which ability is this?

  13. Flashlight237

    Electricity's Speed?

    Hey there. So recently, someone went to Quora (very reliable when you get the right people) to ask how fast electricity was and... Well, it's more of a hodge-podge than we thought.: https://www.quora.com/Does-electricity-move-at-light-speed Pretty sure this wouldn't affect lightning since the...
  14. BMHKain

    In regards to my WIP Calc (Regarding Wonderful World)

    (Finally, an update...) Anyways, I'm trying to find a decent measure on the length of the Lightbeams Rosalice (Wonderful World)'s Seele Glanz' creates. This Wiki states that each Beam of Light has the exact time length; be it frame total, of time required for that. So after some hell trying to...
  15. Litentric_Teon

    Konjiki no Gash Bell verse

    Hello everyone. I am finally on winter break and have numerous goals for this time. As far as for my goals associated with this site, I'd like to get a verse for Gash Bell up and running. I've recently reread the manga and have gathered quite a few potential feats that need to be calculated. As...
  16. TriforcePower1

    Electricity and Stun Guns Question

    What would be the AP of a 600000 volts stun gun? And the dura of someone tanking it for a couple of seconds?
  17. Dargoo_Faust

    Do electrical attacks ignore durability?

    I feel like the Electricity Manipulation page is very lacking in explaining how electrical attacks can actually function, as normally, electricity passing through a character has the same results regardless of durability. It more has to do with how well your body can conduct electricity. For...
  18. CNBA3

    Watt/Voltage/Ampere calc

    Hello, I was wondering about the usage of the formula to find Watt from Voltage * Ampere, So the equation is this, How do I find Ampere when I want to figure out watts, when I have Voltage already 200 million volts.
  19. Huesito88

    How fast does Electricity go?

    The title says it all
  20. HrishikeshM

    oozaru goku's resistance to electricity

    we all know that a person who has enough durability can survive the effects of electricity on the external body, such as burning etc. but what about the effects of electricity on the internal organs? can they be "tanked"? ac electricity can disrupt the nerve signals from the natural pacemaker...
  21. Electricity question

    If someone survived being zapped with 200, 000 volts then what would their durability be?
  22. Cropfist

    Electricity Category

    Is there any reason the category for electricity manipulators is named "Lightning Users" instead of "Electricity Users"?
  23. WeeklyBattles

    Speed of Electricity

    Now i know we use 440,000 m/s for lightning speed here, but what speed do we use for electricity? Ive been told 60 m/s and mach 1.6, but these seem a bit odd and way too low IMO. I could be wrong though.
  24. Thunder God Battle Royal

    If Zues, Thor, Susanoo, and the Thunderbird. Who are all thunder/lightning gods of storms in thier respective cultures, and world wide considered the strongest thunger gods do to being the icon of what it means to be such. Who would win and claim the title of most powerful Thunder God...