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doppelganger (scribblenauts)

  1. ShionAH

    Another Scribblenauts CRT

    See heres the problem I see with maxwell's profile right now in the original game you can destroy literal galaxy and planets with your fists and creating them is also enough to warrant the tiering So I think maxwell's and doppelgangers AP section should look like this 9-A up to 3-C (Can...
  2. ShionAH

    Maxwell vs Doppelganger Lets see who is the real scribblenaut!

    Lets gooo! Everything is fricking SBA Distance is close and personal 12 meters Maxwell: Alex: Incon:
  3. ShionAH

    Scribblenauts CRT (DONE, NEED CALC)

    Yeah Maxwell and the entire verse is still outdated. Heres the things that needs to be added First of all Speed: Maxwell and Flash was able to outrun a blackhole which puts them above FTL and Doppelganger also scales to it. Maxwell helping flash win the race and scale to him The Feat's Scan...
  4. ShionAH

    Question about Doppelganger (Scribblenauts)

    Why does it say alex is weaker than maxwell in notebook wise? I am pretty sure in unmasked alex had one of the pages of maxwell and its still the same book and the same page so shouldn't he scale to maxwell? I believe he should scale to maxwell in someway in unmasked and also should get most of...
  5. koopa3144

    Reality Warping Doppelgangers face off! (Doodlebob vs Doppelganger (Scribblenauts)) (0-2-0)

    Fight takes place in the Doodle Dimension Doodle is in In Doodle Dimension key Speed is equalized SBA for anything else Doodlebob: 0 Doppelganger: 2 Incon: 0
  6. Funnimane

    Scribblenauts CRT

    Maxwell's profile smells a little bit like dog poopoo at the moment, so let's patch it up a bit. Before we get to the meat and potatoes, the page needs a name change. Instead of just "Maxwell", it should be "Maxwell (Scribblenauts)", as there are five other Maxwells on the wiki and one of them...
  7. Elizhaa

    Scribblenauts verse revision

    All the first keys should be 9-A from this calculatio because Maxwell did the feat and Doppelganger powerscaled to Maxwell. Second, the nuke, meteors, and black holes feats are unsubstantiated and have no valid calculations so they should be removed; hence, the rating for Maxwell's first key at...
  8. Jasonsith

    Yet another ripoff character of Captain Marvel

    Intro Because some friend told me a certain artist would be holding a concert, a new song was made and an "original" ripoff character from Captain Marvel was born. The MV (mainly in Cantonese) The blog for the proposed character page I am wondering if I am actually allowed to make a...
  9. LordXcano

    Maxwell and Doppelganger Speed Downgrades

    Doppelganger is listed as SuperHuman, for some unknown reason. Presumably because he scales to Maxwell, but Maxwell is listed as Peak Human. So Doppelganger should have that adjusted. But before that happens, why is Maxwell Peak Human? I admit I haven't played Scribblenauts religiously, but...