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death jackal

  1. Flashlight237

    Death Jackal (Monsterverse) vs Grizzly Bear

    It's a little weird how a Death Jackal can win against a tiger, but not against a polar bear, but whatever. Might as well pit the thing against one of the largest and strongest land carnivores. So, we got a Death Jackal against a Grizzly Bear. Of course it goes without saying that a Great White...
  2. GojiBoyForever

    Death Jackal vs Polar Bear

    Fight takes place in the woods 7.96 meters away. Temperature is 32┬░ Fahrenheit Speed Unequal for now. Death Jackal: 0 Polar Bear: 7 Inconclusive:
  3. Kiryu2012

    Death Jackal vs Deathclaw

    Death Jackal vs Deathclaw Fallout 4 Base Deathclaw 1 on 1
  4. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    Death Jackal vs Wendigo

    Death Jackal vs Wendigo (Until Dawn) Speed Equalized Fight is on Skull Island This is a 4 vs 4
  5. Kiryu2012

    Citation for Death Jackal's Regenerationn

    Death Jackal's profile lists Regenerationn as one of its abilities. But where does it display Regenerationn? Toho Kingdom's profile for Death Jackal doesn't list Regenerationn as one of its powers, so where is the source for Death Jackal being able to regenerate?
  6. Kiryu2012

    Halloween Match: Indoraptor vs Death Jackal

    Indoraptor vs Death Jackal Fight takes place in the Farmhouse Finale from Left 4 Dead SBA
  7. Kiryu-MG3

    Real World Tiger vs Death Jackal

    Tiger: Death Jackal: 8 Tie: In character All abilities allowed 100 mts distance Fight!