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cosmo (marvel)

  1. OPStellar

    Marvel Comics: Cosmo's equipment

    Nothing notable?!?! The pooch has a microchip that could store a pocket dimension! This has been used at least twice to store the entire population of Knowhere. (Ignore this note: Do not neglect to recognize his pager system from the Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy animated TV series, which...
  2. OPStellar

    Age range

    Cosmo could now be in his early sixties, not just late fifties.
  3. Stalker_Maggot

    Dog vs Cat (GRACE)

    Cosmo (Marvel) vs Dex-Starr (Post-Crisis) Speed equalized SBA
  4. WeeklyBattles

    Cosmo vs Sans

    Cosmo Powers and Stats Tier: 9-A, 4-B with Telekinesis Name: Cosmo Origin: Marvel Comics Gender: Male Age: Unknown, possibly in his late fifties (Russia primarily tested space flight on dogs in the 1950s and 1960s) Classification: Telepathic Russian space-dog, Cosmonaut, Chief of...
  5. WeeklyBattles

    Super Powered Doggos - Krypto vs Cosmo

    Krypto Powers and Stats Tier: 4-B Name: Krypto the Superdog Origin: DC Comics Gender: Male Age: Unknown Classification: Dog, Kryptonian Powers and Abilities: Stellar radiation absorption, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Superhuman Senses, Heat Vision, Super Breath, Ice...
  6. WeeklyBattles

    Marvel: Cosmo Profile Rework

    Since my rework for Ego went so well, i figured i'd do another one for a character who needs some love, Cosmo (Marvel) Think you can bite harder than Russian dog? Think again. Summary Cosmo is a telepathic Russian space dog who serves as the Head of Security of Knowhere in the Marvel...