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corrin (fire emblem)

  1. JustSomeWeirdo

    Kamui vs Corrin

    This had to be done... Speed Equalized, Both are 7-B, Battle takes place at night Kamui the Yato- 0 Kamui with the Yato - 0
  2. JustSomeWeirdo

    Sportacus vs Corrin

    Speed Equalized, Both are 7-B, Corrin has access to Dragon Fang(No other skills), Corrin has access to Tomes, Throwing Swords, Omega Yato, and a Dragonstone (Nohr Noble class), Sportacus is unable to use vehicles if necessary, Victory by any means Sportaflop - 0 Cor - 1
  3. JustSomeWeirdo

    Sumeragi is a HUGE mess

    You might just want to skip to the tl;dr, actually, you should DEFINITELY skip to the tl;dr Sumeragi's highball is City Block level for surviving a fight with Dragon Corrin, however, he is able to take damage from Ryoma, although in most cases, Ryoma just weakens Sumeragi a bit (unless you have...
  4. JustSomeWeirdo

    Immortality Type 1?

    Why do Azura and Corrin have Longevity when it was never shown?
  5. JustSomeWeirdo

    Upgrades to Dragon Corrin?

    Avatar: I can't believe this. The entire town…devastated. An hour ago these streets were filled with vendors and children and… This is from the script of Chapter 5 It is implied that the damage is done by Sumeragi and the sword Ganglari, but the Dawn Dragon statue is intact during the...
  6. JustSomeWeirdo

    Jason Grace vs Corrin (Fire Emblem)

    Seeing as Jason has similar abilities as to that of weapons and tomes appearing in FE, and has dealt with flight before, the match seems pretty even Endgame Corrin with their Town level stats vs Jason Grace Speed Equalized No prior knowledge Corrin is in the Nohr Noble class to grant access...
  7. Miles_Romero12

    Eirika vs Corrin (The runback!)

    This fight was already considered a long time ago and Corrin won. Now, we will allow all awakening skills and speed equalized. 6-B forms. Who shall leave the arena alive this time? The dragon princess or the wincest princess? Same stats, but not as cool as Ly
  8. JustSomeWeirdo

    Corrin vs Dante Alighieri

    Both are in their 7-C keys Speed Equalized Victory by any means Corrin (Fire Emblem) - 1 (Miles) Dante Alighieri - 0 Inconclusive - 0
  9. JustSomeWeirdo

    Fire Emblem Fates: The Astral Plane

    Characters in FE Fates have crossed between their realms and the astral plane In Story: Jakob/Felicia even state that they have crossed between dimensions, They seem to also cross freely during Birthright and Conquest after the death of Lilith, other recruitable characters that enter the Astral...
  10. Miles_Romero12

    Corrin vs Kirito (Mary Sue MC battle, FE vs SAO #3)

    Round 1.-Base Corrin vs ALO kirito Round 2.-Base Corrin vs SAO Kirito Round 3.- Dragon Corrin vs SAO Kirito Speed equalized. Skills allowed in rounds 2 for Corrin.
  11. Miles_Romero12

    Yet another Fire Emblem Upgrade. Minor this time, tho.

    Corrin (Pretty much every Fates noble by scaling) can dublicate himself and his allies https://youtu.be/V9B3PXLQAtc So, lets add duplication or transmutation to every Fates noble.
  12. GimmyJibbsJr

    Fire Emblem: Fates AP revision

    So, we currently have Owai listed as Building Level and Transonic in speed. My question is, why are the likes of Ryoma, Xander, Leo, Takumi and Corri below that with their average power? Technically, they should be superior to him, due to Leo stating that his Brynhildr is the most powerful tome...
  13. Super_Goku_Roku

    Fire Emblem Fates Flora aparently frezzes the ocean.

    https://youtu.be/QamR737C-FA Continental+ Upgrade? Outlier? She didnt actually frezze the entire ocean? Scales to Corrin? I believe its just nonsense.
  14. Mega_Robot_Plastic

    Black Dragon Kamameet vs Corrin (Dragon Fight!)

    Round 1.- End of Series Corrin (At least 7-C) Vs. Black Dragon Kalameet. (Low 7-B) Speed Equalized. The Bringer of Calamity.
  15. Flames_of_power64

    is it fair to say the Fire Emblem Fates characters are the weakest FE characters so far?

    Just an observation i had for awhile now. There strongest guy right now is Corrin who is only Town level.
  16. Hop_Hoppington-Hoppenhiemer

    Edit Corrin's stats and Profile Images

    This page... I don't know much about the character, but I have seen the gameplay. It feels very off from what little I know. Might be me. Regardless, the art plastered to the page is kind of... amatuer?
  17. Reppuzan

    Fire Emblem Fates Potential Upgrade

    So I was surfing through the Fire Emblem Wiki (haven't gotten my hands on Fate yet) when I found an interesting tidbit about the new Dragon Vein mechanic. According to said wiki, the dragon Anankos (who passed his abilities to his child, Corrin) was able to terraform the land ravaged by Grima...
  18. The_real_cal_howard

    Corrin vs Eirika

    A fire emblem battle. Who wins and why?
  19. Corrin vs Dark Sakura

    (Seriously, why is corrin so weaaaak?) Round 1.- Base vs Base Round 2.- 7-C Sakura vs Dragon Corrin.
  20. Corrin (Fire Emblem Fates) Vs. Eirika (Fire Emblem Sacred Stones)

    Round 1.- Base Eirika (Rapier) Vs Base Corrin (Night Yato) Round 2.- Dragon Corrin vs EoG Eirika (Seiglinde)