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coolie (where they cremate the roadkill)

  1. Shmooply

    Genies vs Puyos

    Clowder verse unfortunately doesn't get a lot of attention, and neither does Coolie. So, let's try this. Hoping this doesn't turn into an AP stomp... Arle Nadja (Cycleless Supreme Existence) - Coolie - Time Nomad beats both - RULES: Speed is equalized Coolie can't summon his past lives...
  2. SSBXeno573

    Coolie vs Sandman (Low 2-C Tournament)

    First Round of the Low 2-C Tournament begins! Our first contestants are Sandman (Timespinner) and Coolie (Where They Cremate the Roadkill). Here are the current standings. Speed Equalized and Low 2-C versions (SBA otherwise). Sandman - 7 (Lightnin, Zark, CrimsonAzoth, Ogbuna, YungManzi...
  3. Hl3_or_bust

    Yobo and Zachary Will Feel My Pain (Ninja Lego Man vs Whatever the hell Coolie is)

    The First Spinjitzu Master vs Coolie (Where They Cremate the Roadkill) both are Low 2-C speed= if neccesary all of their stuff/attacks Lego Man: 0 "Ghost": 0 Icnonclusive: 2 (Yobobojojo, ZacharyGrossman273, DMUA)
  4. ArbitraryNumbers

    John Clowder Downgrades

    Coolie's feat with the Orphic Egg isn't something he can do through normal means. He can only damage the egg with a weapon known as the Whatsis, or by summoning a Noshka to attack it for him. Because of this, Coolie should be downgraded to "At least High 3-A, Low 2-C via summons, Low 2-C with...
  5. Errorsaness

    Grandpriest vs Coolie

    Battle takes place in The orthoc egg The orthoc egg has Durability that exceeds base form YHVH and is infinite in size/ as big as infinite infinite sized timelines Speed equalised
  6. Yobo_Blue

    Coolie Typo

    The striking strength is not in bold and has out of place quotations
  7. ArbitraryNumbers

    Clowderverse Upgrades

    Okay so I've told you dudeds about Coolie's super specific, very high end Low 2-C feat, right? The thing is, I don't recall any solid indication that Coolie's power is "growing" throughout the game at all. Why do I mention this? Well... Chatterteeth makes an appearance as an enemy and as a...
  8. ArbitraryNumbers

    Coolie vs Jiren

    Coolie Jire Both at Low 2-C. Speed is equalized. Victory via incap, KO, or death. Fight takes place on the Moon. Starting distance of 20 meters.
  9. Saikou_The_Lewd_King

    Jellyfish vs Coolie

    Death vs Ghost The Jellyfish just noticed that a certain ghost has been going around killing people. So it decided to step in and send this lost soul back to hell/heaven/purgatory/limbo. Speed is Equalized. Both start at 20 meters in the Dense Woods. Low 2-C for both.
  10. ArbitraryNumbers

    Coolie vs Black WarGreymon X

    Both are at Low 2-C, speed is equalized. Victory is to be achieved via KO, Incap, or Death. Coolie has all of his weapons, including Genie. Coolie Black WarGreymon X
  11. ArbitraryNumbers

    How about this feat?

    https://imgur.com/a/XrIZL These NPC statements revolve around the Orphic Egg, a fightable punching bag that Coolie is able to damage and eventually destroy. An NPC states that doing so will split dimensions, scattering Coolie in halves across 10,000 "fractal worlds", and that each world is...