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  1. Jackythejack

    (ONE VOTE LEFT) Chelshia vs. Catwoman (Here we go again...)

    This time with a bit of a disadvantage towards Catwoman, but it's not in one shot territory to my knowledge. They're pretty high into 9-A, these Batman characters, so let's do this. Fight takes place outside of Wayne manor. Speed is equalized. Catwoma Chelshia
  2. Frieza_force_soldier_100

    Catwoman vs Black Cat

    Selina and Felica have both arrived at the top of a museum to steal a diamond. They see each other and get into an argument over who is more deserving. They decide to settle it with a battle, winner gets the diamond and gets to keep the loser as their new sidekick and slave (Yes THAT kind of...
  3. Jackythejack

    (ONE VOTE LEFT) Catwoman fights a Chimera

    To celebrate the fact that my beloved verse got upgraded to 8-C, I decide to have a fight with Chelshia to hopefully give her back a win. So, therefor, she's fighting Catwoma . Catwoman had decided to steal a diamond from some bank and Chelshia stopped her before that. Fight takes place in some...
  4. ZoroNotZolo

    Ichigo Kurosaki VS Catwoman

    8-C Ichigo used. Ichigo is visible. Speed equalized. Fight takes place in Gotham City. Ichigo - 0 Catwoman - 0
  5. VyndktvxIce

    Catwoman is FTL

  6. CBtheDB

    Chat Noir VS Catwoman

    Fight takes place in this section of the Louvre Both are not bloodlusted, but are fully willing to kill. Fight ends in incap or death. Both have their standard gear.
  7. EightAte8

    Catwoman versus Harley Quinn

  8. EightAte8

    Re: Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

    These profiles just say Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Pison Ivy, but what about the various versions of these characters? What're they meant to represent? If they represent Post-Crisis, then I'd assume that they'd be a higher tier for Post-Flashpoint, given the difference between Post-Crisis and...
  9. Legion350

    Catwoman Upgrade

    I think she should be upgraded to Wall level, as she has kicked through brick.
  10. DatBoyNorbit

    who will win black cat(marvel) or catwoman(d.c.)

    who is the the deadliest feline
  11. Shade45

    Black Widow vs Catwoman

    The battle is in an abandoned building. Random Encounter.