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bunny girl karen

  1. ZoroNotZolo

    Shinobu Oshino VS Bunny Girl Karen

    I would say this is the oddest VS Thread I've ever made, but I've also made Bulma VS Elesa and Lusamine VS Lillie (in a hand-to-hand combat fight with no Pokemon teams) Princess Beauty Shinobu Oshino VS Bunny Girl Karen Speed equalized? (not that it matters, since they're both average human in...
  2. Botchede

    Two bullshit luck gals get into a fight: Hazard vs Bunny Girl Karen

    I'm surprised no one tried this before, so there we go: Hazard against Bunny Girl Karen. The fight can happen in a cassino, with both of them in-character and with no knowledge on each other's powers. Bunny Girl Karen: Hazard: Inconclusive:
  3. Botchede

    Daniel plays a Poker game against Bunny Girl Karen

    Bunny Girl Kare walks on a bar where a strange gentlema convinces her to enter a little poker game. Little does she know that Daniel has already prepared for her... Karen sits normally in the table facing D'Arby, and the game they will play is Poker. D'Arby gets 2 weeks of prep time against...
  4. MrDrProfessorPatricio

    Luck vs Luck

    Masayuki's first match, let's see if he can luckily win his first match against this luck incarnate. Honjou Masayuki (Web Novel): Bunny Girl Kare:
  5. Jinsye

    Let's test our luck...

    Clover vs. Bunny Girl Kare Speed is un= Who wins?
  6. SchroKatze

    Lucky Bunny Hunt

    Just noticed the similarities in luck hax there. Also, people asked for me to do it. A Lucky Bunny vs One Lucky Boi Battle takes place inside Fremont Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas. Both in-character. Starting Distance: 25 meters. Win via incapacitation, BFR, Death and etc. Outliving...
  7. The_King_of_Prudence

    Bunny Girl Karen: citation needed

    Sources have been requested for Unbeatable Emperor.
  8. Genericstickman

    Sad Man fights Lucky Bunny

    Sad Larry vs Bunny Girl Karen Speed Equalised So Sad: So Lucky: The McQueen:
  9. Genericstickman

    Bullshit Luck Bunny Meets The Legendary Incon Man

    McQueen vs Bunny Girl Karen Speed Equalised (yes) Incon Man: Wabbit: Incon:1
  10. DontTalkDT

    Bunny Girl Karen vs The Bunny Girl Karen

    Bunny Girl Kare vs The Bunny Girl Kare Bunny Girl Karen gets a Mossberg 500 as equipment.
  11. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Ultimate bullshit luck boy vs always success bunny Girl

    Surprised that nobody made this,so let me make this match. -Place located in berlin,more like in weaponry vault in nazi camp -Range is 100 meter -Start in barehand,but they can pick anything in that vault (list: Gun,shotgun,granade,flamethrower,Bazooka,sword,knife,machinegun,assault...
  12. DontTalkDT

    3 Bunny girls (and a guy) have a battle

    This three bunnies try to outlast this bunny, until she dies after a day (or if they can kill that works as well) Speed is equalized. Battle takes place on an indestructible planet. The three bunnies are assumed to have perfect cooperation. Should they lose they get additional help from...