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    Perfect Cell vs Bojack [9-0-0]

    This is is Perfect Cell (obviously) and Full Power Bojack being used and the fight takes place in the Cell Games Arena. Cell : 9 Bojack : Incon :
  2. LuffyRuffy46307

    Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Two Worlds Revision

    Starting with a little introduction about Bojack's achievements, he is mentioned several times in guides and films as being able to destroy galaxies or galaxy . 銀河をゆるがす邪悪な波動! Source - JAPAN Akira Toriyama: Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound Anime Comic Pg. 14 In addition to the title itself...
  3. Mirai-Koichi

    What if? Bojack fought the mightiest Earthling, Olibu!

    Bojack VS. Olibu Bojack starts in Full Power. Takes place on Earth. Start 10 m apart. In character and to death.
  4. Mickey1940

    Toeiverse DBZ + GT Pan Revision

    Pan's 4A justification is that she was able to restrain anime Dr. Gero with little difficulty, meaning Dr. Gero should be roughly 4A The issue with this is: 1. Android Saga Super Saiyan Goku is regarded as 4B despite being able to turn Android 19 into his bitch for several minutes straight...
  5. Rabbit2002

    When you learn how to overcome your weakness - DBS's lifting strength and heat resistance

    Stellar level Lifting strength In DBS Anime, base Goku (TOP saga) and 17/18 can withstand the weight/gravity of "Pretty Black Hole". However, it doesn't matter whether this black hole is real or not. The important thing is that the Black Hole with its pure weight crushed Kami Katchin. Goku's...
  6. Omegas03

    Pan vs. Bojack.

    Both 4-A, who wins? They fight at the Zen'o exhibition match arena. Pan: Bojack:
  7. TyranoDoom30

    Battle of the weakest 4-As

    Bojack vs Evil Leafy speed is equalized who wins
  8. Omegas03

    Goku vs. Bojack.

    this is Goku at his Buu Arc self and he starts with Super Saiyan. SSJ2 and 3 are restricted. Bojack starts at his Base but can ascend to Full Power. Location is the same place where the Z Fighters fought Bojack but no outside interference.
  9. Chronoaiswaifu

    Bojack vs hatchiyak (grace)

    Base form for hatchiyack, bojack starts in base but is allowed to transform, speed equal and takes place on earth bojack: Hatchiyack: 7 Patchy the space pirate Truffle
  10. Chartate101

    Son Gohan quote revision

    I think that the quote on his page should be changed, as the quote comes from a non canon movie
  11. Landon_Avery

    Bojack's scaling

    Bojack's profile puts him at 4-A . The reason given for this is that he scales to the non-canon saiyans like gohan who are superior to restained super saiyan Broly. The problem I have with this is the fact that there is no reason (that I know of) to asume that the events of "Broly The...
  12. ProfessorKukui4Life

    DBZ vs Beyblade! Bojack vs Yu Tendo

    Yay!!! Finally get to battle again! It's some guy named Bobo but who cares?! Show him our bey spirit Libra!!! Hmph. A little boy? I'll make quick work outta him soon enough. Hulk-colored guy with red long hair vs a little childish boy with a spinning top everyone loves (ofc ovo) Bojack vs Yu...
  13. ConsumingFire

    Broly vs Bojack

    Broly from Movie 8 faces off against Bojack. Victory via death. Starting distance 50 meters. Fight takes place in the Gizard Wasteland near Central City. Current votes, Broly: 0 Bojack: 1
  14. The_real_cal_howard

    Dragon Ball GT/Filler/Movie speed downgrade

    Ant advised me to make a thread about this a long time ago. This was something that was on my mind for a long while. There is literally no reason that the speed upgrade of MILLIONS isn't regarded as an outlier. We use the high end of said calc, which is in the hundreds of millions. Mind you...
  15. DBZMLP12345

    Bojack vs Axel/Lea

    Meh, might as well keep the KH vs DBZ trend going XD, plus, Axel is one of my fav members of Organization 13, and Bojack doesn't seem to have any wins, loses or inconclusive matches on his profile, so who wins? 1st Round is Base Bojack vs Axel/Lea 2nd Round is Full Power Bojack vs Axel/Lea...