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  1. Damage3245

    One-Punch Man: Beefcake's AP Calcs

    The purpose of this thread is to discuss and debate a feat performed by Beefcake, in Chapter 3 of One-Punch Man. The first version of the calc was created by Kachon123 and was accepted at being 5.35 Megatons (Small City level). The second version of the calc was created myself and was accepted...
  2. Recon1511

    One Punch Man: 7-B Carnage Kabuto scaling

    Well, let's hope this CRT doesn't take long. In the One Punch Man databook it's stated that Kabuto's physical level is far superior to other monsters so far. The other notable monsters shown so far at that point, both in the databook and chronologically in the manga were Vaccine Man and...
  3. Maverick_Zero_X

    Sonic vs Beefcake

    Sonic the Hedgehog (4.69886472 Megatons, Mach 355) vs Beefcake (1.22 Megatons, Mach 155)
  4. Ourosboros

    Beefcake's Size Revisited: ONE-PUNCH MAN

    Now that the One-Punch Man verse is getting some noteworthy upgrades, some of us in the verse community have been looking back at Beefcake's feats with newly skeptical eyes. The debate centers around one issue- Beefcake's size. Beefcake is stated to be 270 meters tall in the hero encyclopedia...
  5. AguilaR101

    Beefcake (OPM) vs Armin Arlert(AoT)

    SBA They start at 1km from one another Speed is equalized Armin's AP: 157.5 KTs Beefcake's AP: 256.22 KTs Who takes this and why?
  6. LordGriffin1000

    Sun Giant vs Beefcake

    I just now noticed the High 7-C One-Punch Man characters and decided to make a match. The mighty Sun Giant vs The colossal Beefcake RULES Toa is piloting the Sun Giant Sun Cannon is disabled Speed Equalized SBA VOTES Sun Giant: Beefcake: Inconclusive:
  7. VersusJunkie54

    Possible One Punch Man upgrades.

    A new calc for Beefcake's crater has come out, approved by Kepekley. Result, 262 megatons. Mountain level https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:TataHakai/One_Punch_Man:_BeefCake_Creates_a_Crater#comm-1747706 I think it's a pretty straightforward result. Now we need to decide how this...
  8. HeCatThunderMan

    His threat level

    On the one punch man page he's listed as demon level dispite it saying he's a dragon on his own page. not sure which is right and i dont really care tbh. just thought id point it out
  9. Abscoolguy

    Beefcake vs colossal titan

    It had to be done somehow fight is in a big field, colossal titan kills beefcake's brother, beefcake: NIIISAAAAAAAAAN BATTLE BEGINS! Beefcake Colossal tita
  10. Creaturemaster971

    Scaling Problem

    Minor issue, probably an easy fix with some research. So on Sea King's profile, it claims that he's comparable to Beefcake even before transforming, which is used as the basis for his scaling despite it being directly contradicted on Beefcake's profile, which states that he's completely...
  11. Golden_Void

    Beefcake destroys a city block

    Feat: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:FanofRPGs/Beefcake_destroys_a_city_block For some reason whenever I make multiple edits on a blog post, I usually can't reply, so just a few things. I wanted to look at the calc to check the values, and mine are very different than Fan's for...
  12. Ryop

    why Beefcake only Supersonic+?

    I mean shouldn't he be MSH+ due powerscaling like others monster? he stronger than base Sea King who demon level(in his normal form)
  13. AnimeFanboy2916

    Diane (Seven Deadly Sins) vs Beefcake

    Speed Equalized Full Power, no holding back, who wins? Colossal Titan on steroids
  14. SuperKamiNappa

    Beefcake vs. Mosquito Girl

    Speed equalized who wins and why?
  15. Hellspawn_Barbarian

    Erza vs Beefcake

    Both 7-B versions. Also speed is equalised. Erza - 1 Beefcake - 0