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  1. Lord_Farquaad69420

    Tier 4 Ben 10?

    Probably wankish, or wrong but whatever, gotta get it outta my mind. In the galactic enforcer's episode of the Classic series, its stated that a bomb can be made that can destroy the solar system and in the episode where Aggregor absorbs the andromeda 5, it's stated that bombing an entropy pipe...
  2. Benimōru

    Ben Tennyson Durability Revision

    Tennyson has High 5-A AP due to Ascalon, as accepted here. But we scale the swords AP to his durability for no reason. So either some evidence should be provided for why Ascalon's AP scales to Ben's durability, or it should be downgraded.
  3. Spectral69420

    Ben 10 Eatle downgrade/rework

    So Eatle is currently rated as High 5-A for fighting on par with Lucubra Vilgax who scales to this feat performed by Ascalon, the problem with that is that it creates a few inconsistencies which I will be listing and propose a solution to them. Inconsistencies 1- Eatle and Kevin were both one...
  4. DemiiPowa

    Ben 10 Ultimates 5-A Upgrade

    On the wiki we have Ascalon listed as 5-A due to it's ability to destroy planets with misuse of its power. When Ben is fighting against Sir George (Who is also 5-A because he wields the power of the Ascalon, which includes the armor since the sword grants that to you as well), Ultimate...
  5. DMB_1

    Diagon's tier

    Diagon's tier is currenlty "at least High 3-C" Yet, Ascalon's, Sir George and Ultimate Way Big's are still "at least High 5-A". Even Diagon's stats still say that he's Dwarf Star level, and I haven't seen any thread regarding this upgrade. Might I ask why is this the case?
  6. Asdfg55544

    Ben's key

    Since Ben has other weapons and equipment besides Omnitrix throughout the series, I think we should add his keys and it would be okay. Other weapon that Ben uses is Ascalon and Time Cycle, so: Tier: 10-B | 10-A. Varies with the Omnitrix. Unknown with the Time Cycle | High 5-A Would be okay.
  7. Antvasima

    Ben 10: Diagon, Sir George & Ascalon

    I think that the justifications for the "5-A, possibly 3-A" statistics justifications for Diago, Sir George, and Ascalo seem very insubstantial. Destroying planets of unspecified size is not automatically a 5-A rating, just "At least 5-B" (unless they are scaled from Way Big), and Diagon being...