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arc company

  1. Ricsi-viragosi

    The Gamer tier changes, plus ability additions

    Alright, now that Season 4 - as long as all other three put together - is done, some updates are here to come. Many were added as the season went along, but here are some other things. TL;DR: Han to 7-A base, High 7-A with Bosmon. Higher with stat amps, Idea Power and with Giant Black Flame...
  2. FloweryAlex

    Eternal CRTs of The Gamer

    Because escalation is a thing. New chapter out, new skills for Han: Precog: Litiral tarot cards, pretty limited, but they can be spammed to give better info (like he did, asking if something is north, and if it was not asking if it was west, etc.) Ressurection: Only within 30 minutes, soul...
  3. EmperorRorepmeThree

    The President Pocket Reality Creation and Law Manipulation

    He's able to create pocket realites since that's literally the basic ability of every abyss character and in the reality he should have law manipulation since he owns the pocket reality. https://imgur.com/RRhZdBU https://imgur.com/QvgPA10...
  4. Ricsi-viragosi

    Cinderellas financial problems cach up with her. The president vs cinder

    Speed equal Hax vs AP and all that.