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anna williams

  1. ShionAH

    Bunny Mommy vs Normal Mommy

    8-B keys are used speed is equalized SBA for everything else Mirko: 7 Anna: 1 Inconclusive:
  2. ScarletMoon1111

    Madara fights a Tekken assassin instead of Hashirama

    In-Character Location: Konoha EMS Final Valley Madara is used (Alongside Kurama) Madara: 1 (Arkenis) Anna: 1 (ScarletMoon1111) Incon: 0
  3. Oleggator

    Random Tekken Match let's go. Anna Williams vs Black Widow

    Rules: Equal Speed, location is Fallen Colony, Base BW is used Anna: Natasha: Inconclusive:
  4. ZoroNotZolo

    Anna Williams VS Boa Hancock

    Speed is equalized. Fight takes place on a Tekken 7 Stage. Anna - 0 Hancock - 1 (Schnee One) Inconclusive - 0
  5. ZoroNotZolo

    Anna Williams vs Tsunade

    Byakugo Seal Tsunade VS Anna Williams Speed equalized. Anna - 0 Tsunade - 1
  6. ZoroNotZolo

    Anna Williams VS Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

    Speed equalized. Victory by K.O. 24 hours of prep time. The fight will take place in a desert like are where neither character will have an advantage. Who wins? Miles: 0 Anna: 2