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amon (legend of korra)

  1. BrackishBrineBroth

    A few more additions for the Avatarverse

    Layer stuff In this thread, it was accepted that all avatars have soul resistance, and that eos Aang and pre-season 3 Korra have one layer above baseline resistance. However, I had completely forgotten about this bit of trivia that one of the writers had put on the Nickelodeon website back in...
  2. BrackishBrineBroth

    More abilities for Avatar characters

    Ringing in the new year with new abilities! Forcefields for Zuko, Aang, Katara, and Korra. Limited Sound Manipulation for airbenders Durability negation for airbenders via asphyxiation Light manipulation for the avatars Amon currently does not have Body Puppetry via Bloodbending on his page...
  3. foxhunter

    About avatar spirits (mostly vaatu and raava ap and ed)

    Yue, tui and la should get pages as they’re one of most important spirits in the avatar series and have done feats Raava and vaatu, environmental destructive make no sense, nor does it have a calc or any scans at all, I don’t see how covering the world in darkness and reshaping it will be...
  4. Bat_Siri

    Cassie Cage (Mortal Kombat) vs Amon (Legend of Korra)

    Combatant 1 Cassie Cage Combatant 2 Amon Location Lake Verity, Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. Rules: Both are the 8C versions of the characters. Speed equalised. Random encounter so no prep. Win by any means. Both are in character/ morals on.
  5. Super_Ascended_Sean_Pazdera

    Aang vs Amon (Wait, this isn't a versus thread?)

    Recently, NickRewind (an official part of Nickelodeon, by the way) posted a Death Battle-like videosimulating what would have happened if Child Aang (Book 3, presumably) fought Amon from Legend of Korra. Aang was actually able to beat him. Oh yeah, and he tanked several thousand volts of...
  6. LaGoneCarat

    Ryo Shimazaki VS Amon

    This is a High 8-C battle. Instead of the Seventh Division Scars, Ryo Shimazaki ends up fighting this mysterious masked man on the streets. He decides to take this odd stranger out, seeking a challenge and required to dispatch him. Speed is equalized, other wise SBA (Standard Battle...
  7. TheOneTrueRydog

    Imagine a character like Amon in My Hero Academia. imagine how OP he would be!

    Imagine a character like Amon in MHA but his blood bending abilities allowed him to blood bend anything including his own blood giving him super strength similar to muscular including removing people powers beyond repair and the ability to copy peoples powers by adapting their blood to his blood...
  8. EightAte8

    Amon versus King Bumi

    Who wins?
  9. Volundox

    The Legend of Korra potential speed upgrade.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5TuDupAUCg In this clip Amon dodges lightning at almost point blank range, reacting to it after it was fired. If this is viewed frame by frame Amon moves almost completely out of the way in just a few frames. If this was calced would it warrant an upgrade? Also...