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  1. Meosos

    Brunhilde vs Eragon

    I agree with King, its a "who shots first scenario". Even if Eragon is not bloodlusted, its still in character for him to reach out with his mind and start a telepathic attack. From this point on he has multiple ways of dealing with her: deathwords (would lead to inconlcusive, since he cant harm...
  2. Meosos

    Some giant against a monster with issues

    SCP-096 vs Eren Yeager Somehow Eren has seen a picture of SCP-096's face. He knows that something will attack him and is already transformed. They fight in an unpopulated city and start 1 km away from each other. + Speed is unequalized + Post-Timeskip Eren without the War Hammer Titan Eren...
  3. Meosos

    Weiss Vs. Aang

    Aang stomps in Avatar state. Even if Weiss starts of bloodlusted, it doesnt change much. She gets overpowered.
  4. Meosos

    Deathstroke Battle Royale

    Superior AP against most of them, as well as best regen. I furthermore agree with a stoned orc.
  5. Meosos

    Deathstroke Battle Royale

    The source material beats every other version in a 1vs1 battle
  6. Meosos

    Superman (DCEU) vs. Thor (MCU)

    Superman has the AP advantage. 4.32e^22 vs 2.61e^18
  7. Meosos

    Saber vs Caster

    She is High 7-A, likely 6-C. Doesnt she have A-level magic resistance ?
  8. Meosos

    Galbatorix vs Mami

  9. Meosos

    Saber vs Caster

    Perhabs Saber Alter would be better, but lets see how this turns out. Conditions + Speed is qualized (for now) + Both are in character, but willing to kill + Saber has a steady supply of mana for 3 days + Shruikan is far away + They start 10 meters away from each other Galbatorix: Saber...
  10. Meosos

    Biohazard: The Thing vs The Flood

  11. Meosos

    Galbatorix vs Mami

    If she has nothing against his mindhax, I vote Galbatorix.
  12. Meosos

    A human to bring this vampire to rest...

    Has he ever done something like that ?
  13. Meosos

    A human to bring this vampire to rest...

    Alucard may recieve a downgrade (https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/1405331), but whatever. From what I see on the profiles, its in favour of Alucard. I just cant see how Kirito could kill Alucard. Has he anything that could even remotly go through his regen ?
  14. Meosos

    Moira (Overwatch) vs Edward Elric

    Moira seems more of a range fighter, so if Edward can close the gap he wins by slicing or deconstructing her. The problem is coming this close. Coalescence: "Moira channels a long-range beam that heals allies, damages enemies, and bypasses barriers." (9 m/s, range 30 m). And there is also her...
  15. Meosos

    Escanor VS Ainz

    Ainz for reasons above
  16. Meosos

    Merlin vs. Merlyn (One More)

    From what I see Merlin can win via: telekinesis, lightning and vaporizing Merlyn via his Sidhe Staff. All of this options can be performed in an instant and with Merlyns low dura it kills him on the spot. Merlyn can win via: BFR and Transmutation. I just dont know how fast these attacks are...
  17. Meosos

    Two aliens try to eat Small Town, USA (Grace Finished)

    I vote for the Thing, for my and Crimsons reasons.
  18. Meosos

    Prospero vs Apophis [ONE MORE VOTE]

    It should be explained in his profile. With the staff or without it ?
  19. Meosos

    Two aliens try to eat Small Town, USA (Grace Finished)

    Ok, since we are running in circels I present all the arguments at once: - The Thing reproduces significant faster (it assimilates through physical contact and is capable of acting independendtly on the microscopic level), infecting the entire town and every other insect or animal in an hour or...
  20. Meosos

    Prospero vs Apophis [ONE MORE VOTE]

    I am sorry, but the more I am reading Prosperos profile, the more it doesnt makes sense. Could someone explain to me where his 6-A rating comes from ?
  21. Meosos

    Percy Jackson Gods Upgrade

    I dont agree with the changes. We upgraded the gods to 5-C because of the following: "The Percy Jackson deities don't create constellations by materializing entirely new stars, but by increasing the luminosity of existing stars, hence their current rating." Zeus "creating" new stars would make...
  22. Meosos

    Percy Jackson Gods Upgrade

    He compared the master bolt to the explosion of several hydrogen bombs, or something like that.
  23. Meosos

    Dr. Eggman vs. Rick Sanchez

    Eggman isnt listed as 2-C, has no time manipulation and just Superhuman speed. He is outclassed by Rick in every way (at least the version you linked). Of course this wont be added.
  24. Meosos

    Two aliens try to eat Small Town, USA (Grace Finished)

    Ok, point given ;D But that still wont change much. The Thing was estimated to assimilate the entire world population of 1982 (ca. 4,612,000,000 ) in 27,000 hours, which makes 170,814 people every hour (assuming linear growth and ignoring population density as well as other factors) and OP gave...
  25. Meosos

    Two aliens try to eat Small Town, USA (Grace Finished)

    Interesting, but this still doesnt change much. Before the Xenos even have one Spitter, the Thing has already infected half the town.
  26. Meosos

    Two aliens try to eat Small Town, USA (Grace Finished)

    How are they created ? Because we just have a "normal" queen that can just produce the standart drones, as far as I remember. The Thing also still reproduces faster and would probably gain acid immunity after assimilating a xeno.
  27. Meosos

    Biohazard: The Thing vs The Flood

    Two of the most deadliest parasites in fiction. Conditio + Win by any means + They start in an isolated small town. The surrounding area is heavily wooded with a small mountain range to the north and west. There is one road in and out of town, that connects to the highway after a mile in both...
  28. Meosos

    Osmosis Jones vs The Thing

    The Thing reproduces to fast and can hide itself. It overpowers Ozzy in no time.
  29. Meosos

    Harry Potter vs Antimony Carver

    Harry via reasons above. He is just to versatile (shields, teleportation, a lot of offensive spells, invisibility, ...). If he isnt in character he avada kedabra or sectumsempra her in his first move.
  30. Meosos

    Two aliens try to eat Small Town, USA (Grace Finished)

    I just remember that the xenomorphs skin is silicon based, not every cell. But even if we assume that the xenomorphs are silicon based, it wouldnt make any difference. Xenomorphs use DNA, like all the other creatures the Thing assimilated. The Thing can still analyze it and replicate the Xeno...
  31. Meosos

    Two aliens try to eat Small Town, USA (Grace Finished)

    The Thing via reasons above. It spreads far too fast for the xenomorph and should assimilate the entire town in an hour or less (using the water supply, the smallest animals and having a bunch of transportation ways as soon as it assimilates a human), while the xenomorphs will take their time...
  32. Meosos

    "Alien Queen" vs The Thing (Grace)

    The fact that she has no knowledge about the Things assimilation powers give the Thing a little advantage and if it can somehow breach the distance its over. But I dont see that happen, since Mina has superior speed and her acid can melt walls. She has good chances of surving a first encounter...
  33. Meosos

    Batman (With Prep) vs Light Turner

    Just asking, since I didnt saw the movie, how did L found Light in the movie ?
  34. Meosos

    Light Yagami vs Light Turner

    As much as I like the original Light more as a character, Turner seems to superior via his broken death note. Turner via reasons above.
  35. Meosos

    6 against 1: Six Paths of Pain vs Eragon

    The paths of Pain are already technically dead (I think we can say that they have type 2 immortality). Destroying vital nerves or blodd vessels could perhabs slow them down, but not "kill" them. And I am not sure if Eragon can really target them, since they are just corpses that are moved by chakra.