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Apex PredatorX said:
But didn't he survive a full hit from a red otopus monster that one hit that sent 3 building flying and when it hit him it did nothing And i think i remember he did block a beam of light from the original ultraman (bemular) and that beam of light didn't explode from contact so we can asume it move at the speed of light so he have relistive reaction speed
Mr.Cutlery said:
This is quite unexpected. Apologies for my lack of activities lately.
Should we put a new weakness for king as well

All far as i see ultraman can't form his body if he lost too much energy ; at least from my theory That would explane why geed have to release some energy from the king capsule for him to have his body back

The ultraman expo also show that king is not immune to energy absorb
I was thinking about making a profile about this version. I really like it, so it's good to see someone is doing it.