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Type 4 Acausality Additions for 11 eyes and The Spirit of the Eternity Sword


VS Battles
I think Demiurge and Kukuri should have their type 2 acausality changed to type 4.

Type 2 acausality is "Characters with this type of Acausality do not exist in either the past or the future, only the present. This means they cannot be affected by changes to the past, while also making them resistant to Precognition that works by viewing the future, as they do not exist within it, and Fate Manipulation, for the same reason. In essence, they are able to choose their own fates, but they remain just as vulnerable at the point in time in which they do exist. "

The reason Kukuri and Demiurge have it is because they are observers to reality, who watch over all of time, are isolated from the world and don't exist in time.

I think this actually is type 4 not 2, type 2 characters only exist in the present, but Demiurge and Kukuri don't exist in time, past, present or future, at all, and are isolated from the world.
I agree with this tbh. Also, it's possible that they can have two or more types of Acausality depending on the description given but for now, Type 4 seems fine to me.
What other acausality would apply though? Regardless of this, they already have type 1.

As for their potential type 4, the scans are on their profiles but can post them here again.

Kukuri is an observer to reality that can see all of time, and doesn't exist within time.
Eternals from The Spirit of Eternity Sword should also have type 4 instead of 2, wonder if i should make another thread or just do it here?

Probably should just do it here, with them it's sort of the same, Eternals are freed from the time axis in which they are born, all memories of them are erased and history is rewritten so that they never existed in that time axis.