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Two rejected Mega Man bosses fight each other: Pulseman vs Pepsiman


Hablo español.
Joke Battles
(Gotta do this quick before Pulseman gets upgraded)

It's a hot summer day. Pulseman decides to go to his favorite arcade to play Galaxy Gunner and beat the current highscore of 99999990.

Pepsiman just happens to be giving cans of Pepsi to all the thirsty games arround, but when he reaches Pulseman, he answers with "I don't like Pepsi, it-".

But before Pulsey could explain the problem he has with water-like substances, Pepsiman tosses Galaxy Gunner over out of anger, pissing off the electric teenager.

  • Speed equalized
  • Battle takes place in the arcade
Pulsema: 0

Pepsima: 0

Inconclussive: 0
Most of these abilities don't work if he's wet, not even intangibility.

Though he gets dry quite fast...
Now that I think about it, Pepsimans might actually think to pour pepsi on Pulseman to ruin his electronics. I didn't know that was a weakness, I just assumed Pulse would be fine as I'm used to seeing robots in fiction be completely unaffected by water and such.
So does he start out already moistened by pepsiman?

Pulseman is not a robot, though Pepsiman could asume that he is one. But at the same time he could think he is some weird teenager doing cosplay.
Kinda stompish...

Shame, I thought I had found an interesting 9-B opponent. Welp, I hope I find better matchups in 8-B.
It also means pulseman straight up can't damage him. AN was calc group before quitting due to being busy so I'll go off the calc for now.