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The Wrong Virus Has Taken Over The Wrong Savannah

Left 4 Dead 2 Survivors vs 100 Walkers

Left 4 Dead 2 and The Walking Dead Video game from Season 1 both take place in the same exact place so I thought this was a good matchup.

The fight takes place in the streets around the Dead Center Mall. Who wins and why?

Left 4 Dead 2 Survivors: 5

Walkers: 0
I think Left 4 Dead survivors can handle this even more easy than the common infected.

So yeah they will win.

If you look into my profile you will discover more dangerous zombies than walkers.
How though? Each of the walkers could be potentially as strong as a Witch. Unless they know the headshot weakness, they're going to have a difficult time.
However I do agree that with the amount of shit that the Suvivors can take, I think they win too.
I'm the creator of the The Walkers page.

I'm self aware of their power. But as I stated in the profile I made. the power of the walkers varies depending on the physicall constitution of the Walker. So they range between Street and Wall level.

Some Walkers must be street level only

while some remarkable ones are Wall level.

Also being on the same level doesn't means they are exactly equal. For example a White Shark is Wall level with 661 psi but the Salt Water cocodrile has a even stronger bite with 7000 psi which puts it deeper on wall level tier than the Shark.

The AP of the survivors is exactly street to wall level. But on their franchise they fought faster zombies including the anormal ones like the Witch or The Tank.
3 for the survivors, only 4 more to go... The question is if they'll add it to all their profiles or not....
Survivors FRA. This is well below what they normally deal with anyhow.
Is this really fair? It's what they sorta stomp in Canon, except worse.
Wokistan said:
Is this really fair? It's what they sorta stomp in Canon, except worse.
Not sure, tbh. The numbers of the Walkers being there all at once is something, since normally the zombies in L4D come gradually rather than 'boom they're all standing there'.