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Round 5 of the High 8-C Tournament of forgetting about it: Luffy vs Foxy!

So Luffy is 3.944 Tons while Foxy's 8.97 tons.

Luffy outranges but they're starting 10 meters away so Foxy can attack him with Meteor Rain or the Bi-plane to buy time, even if Meteor Rain shouldn't be hard to avoid. He could reasonably get in with his 5 uses of Meteor Rain and his Shield powerup + slides though.

Hard to say who's more intelligent when it comes to battle since we know nothing about Foxy besides being a commander, but I wouldn't be surprised if Luffy takes it in bucket fulls.


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Wait, I have seen that fight already.
Ok, jokes aside. Wouldn't Luffy somewhat resist meteor rain, as it is an attack via blunt impact?
Actually... does Foxy even get his optional equip?
And what exacty does the Amoeba Blaster do?
The Amoeba Blaster doesn't really do anything special. It basically just acts as a different type of projectile, one that flies out randomly and bounces off surfaces. Really shouldn't have disease manipulation.