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Optimus Prime vs Gundam - Death Battle version


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Optimus Prime (Death Battle preview)

Gundam (Death Battle preview)
Okay, I don't know about how SA will handle this battle, since OP has so many incarnations, so they could like go for those chooses:

  • Use OP from the original series, which is the most iconic, no composite.
    • Use Composite OP from G1.
  • Use a Composite OP of everysingle Gen.
Either way, they most of the time OP stomps, unless they straght on decide on use a weaker version to make the fight more "fair".

IDK about Gundam.
Just mined out an earlier thread here.

I am closing this thread now.

(And how I can lock a thread? I see I can remove a thread but cannot lock it.)
Original G1 OP has that punching Megatron feat (the one that theoretically involves a planet moving explosion), so unless there is a solid clear cut planet moving or destroying feat achieved by the Gundam or by characters scaling from the Gundam i'm not aware of, this will be a stomp in OP's favor.
At first glance Amuro seems to be completely screwed... but I wouldn't disregard surprises. I mean, DB has become pretty unpredictable as of late. As I said a few threads ago, they seem to be trying harder than ever to cover all the stuff for the analysis (scaling being used a lot more, supplemental material for clarification, less assumptions, etc.) but they way actually analizes the same information really varies from person to person, as well as what information they decide to take into account.

I mean, in Carnage vs Lucy most people thought Carnage had it in the bag and Lucy won, while in Afro vs Jack everyone was voting for Jack and he effectively won... or all the wat back to the previous season in Vergil vs Sephiroth many thought (myself included) that they would just use Advent Children feats for Sephy and he would eventually lose, but they used scaling, guidebooks and actually considered the original game itself and tried to piece together how things worked out outside the game mechanics to carry it to the battle (something they didn't do for Cloud and Tifa).

So I wouldn't be surprised if they use a composite Amuro and from the many retellings of Mobile Suit Gundam, being novels, mangas or OVAs, Amuro had some crazy feats or overpowered abilities that can match Optimus' own crazy ones. Nor if Optimus actually swats Amuro really.

TL;DR: DB is pretty unpredictable as of late, despite Optimus having this in the bag at first glance, I wouldn't be surprised if it can go either way because of unexpected factors in the analysis. And I shoudl really stop making such long replies... sorry >_>