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Minor Clockwerk CRT

I got to looking over Clockwerk's profile and it doesn't appear to be fully complete.

First: Clockwerk's Immortality is only listed as Type 1. Types 2 and 8 should be added to his profile as well. Here is Clockwerk's Type 2 justification. You can see him clearly falling into lava and then flying out of it. Despite being damaged, he's still alive. Even at the very end, Clockwerk survives despite having his body taken apart. He's incapacitated, but not dead. The reason for this is because of the Hate Chip . The Hate Chip was described as the source of Clockwerk's (then Clock-la)'s power. It's what allowed them to survive everything for as long as they did. You can see proof of this at the end . In Sly's words, "Despite the explosion, they remained pristine, it was as if nothing could ever hurt them." Then, once the Hate Chip is finally destroyed "And just like that - it was over. Without that poor piece, that essential center of Clockwerk, there was nothing left. The parts aged before our eyes as if time had finally caught up with the ancient bird."

Second: I believe he should be given Paralysis Inducement. Again, here's my justification. "The Thievius Raccoonus describes the eyes stopping opponents dead in their tracks, transfixed in their gaze." In other words, all he has to do is look at someone, and they're literally paralyzed.

Third, his Intelligence level: I believe Clockwerk is deserving of Extraordinary Genius. Not only did he create the Hate Chip for himself, but he's also built his own army of Robo-Falcons, a giant Death Ray and even Fire Slugs .

Lastly, I believe Pain Inhibition should be removed from his profile. For one thing, Clockwerk himself isn't a robot. Secondly, both Clockwerk and Clock-la will shout after being hit. They'd have no reason to do that if they didn't feel pain.
Type 2 Immortality looks fine, the injuries he sustains would have near instantly killed most other people. Type 8 also looks ok, but it should be noted on his profile that it isn't combat applicable as while he can't technically fully die unless it's destroyed he can still be "killed" via decapitation or body having his body parts blown apart. Don't agree with paralysis inducement, as demonstrated by the Contessa and elaborated in later games he uses mind control and stops his targets via hypnosis. Extraordinary Genius intelligence sounds fine and I agree with the removal of pain inhibition, as you've shown he cleary reacts to pain. Not sure about the type 3 AmeliaSCooper suggested, I don't know what the minimum regen required for it is so I can't say if Clockwerk can qualify for it.
Most is fine, but paralysis should be some type of mind manipulation, we see Contessa using it against Sly, and he can still move when hit.