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Michael Myers (H20) vs Willy Wonka (Composite)

Willy's problem is that his skills take way too long to put into use. Television Chocolate and the Great Glass Elevator both require too much time to put into use, and Michael is resistant to most of his other skills. At best, AT BEST, Wonka could float high into the air, and spam exploding candy at Michael. Michael has tanked explosions before, and he can do so again. The second Willy takes his eyes of Michael, he's practically dead. Michael can hide and wait, most of the rooms in Willy's factory have places to hide. And the second his guard goes down, Willy finds a knife between his shoulders.

Michael wins with pretty low difficulty.
Well, unless Willy manages to get MM to chew his gum and blow him up into a blueberry, I have to agree with Crimson and vote for MM.
Depends on the potency of these exploding candies. If they're anything similar to the hospital explosion, then it might incacitate Michael. He went inyo a ten year coma from that explosion.

Anyyhing less, then Michael blitzes.
No clue. I'm basing my assumption of the winner based on that Wonka doesn't go straight for the fizzy lifting drinks. And, like I explained earlier, Michael wouldn't give him time to use the elevator. My understanding of the elevator and the rules of the battle say that Wonka taking to the elevator and fleeing would count as him losing too.

While Michael can't nail Wonka if he takes flight, Wonka really can't put him down. And the lifting drinks do wear off, Michael can just wait until that happens. If need be, he can hide to lull Wonka into a false sense of security, and make him come down. Then, stabby stabby slashy smashy