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Kaiju No. 9 vs Muzan

Hmm, getting pass Muzan’s Low-High Regeneration would be very difficult for Kaiju No. 9 given he usually resorts to spamming air projectile from a distance that won’t be enough to stop a guy that can regenerate from his blood.

The only ways I can see No. 9 have a chance is to stall the match till sunrise or consume and fuse with him (No. 9 does have higher LS on its side) although Muzan has Absorption as well so…eh.
Does the Kaiju resist being transformed into a demon and Controled? All muzan attacks are infused with his blood that can transform things into demons, and he can fill with too much blood that the character can die, and he can control the demons as well
To become infected it is necessary that Muzan manages to hurt his opponent drastically, and as was shown in the fight against the pillars, the process is not instantaneous
The guy literally had part of his neck cut off

But anyway, Kaiju No.9 always starts a fight at a distance
Aight then, How long does muzan have until sunrise?
But anyway, Kaiju No.9 always starts a fight at a distance
This is a very big problem for muzan cause he's outranged hard but he can't bypass muzan's regen, what he can do is just stall muzan out until sunlight with his kilometers of range, Muzan can try and pursue him but I'm assuming 9 will just stay back or push muzan with an attack? Since 9 Doesn't have prior knowledge won't he try to get up close to muzan and use on of his hax on him once he realizes he can just keep on regenerating?