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How many Mosquitos with the Zika Virus would it take to beat Goku?

The mosquitos start in (what could be assumed to be) Goku's brain.

This is composite Goku.

Ummm the mosquitos stomps since Goku's brain is now composed of Mosquitos, with the Mosquitos now having Goku as the vessel of Zika God
We all know Goku's head is just an empty skull, and the mosquitos could never break through that since Goku's so thick skulked and hard headed, so they just stay trapped in there for all eternity.
Stomp, Goku's brain is untrained and weak and when faced by these highly skilled and lethal Zika mosquitos he will shrivel up and die in front of their awe inspiring might.
even goku isn't that resistant to disease, he dies, except for the fact that ki increases all parts of his durability, goku has been punched in the head, trillions of times (i'm not joking, these characters can hit millions of times in seconds, that was frieza saga to buu saga, characters are stronger and faster now, way, way, way, way, way stronger and faster), also you could say this is them not accounting for stuff like that, ok, that's a bit nitpicky, but ok, well he fell off a cliff when he was a babeh.
i think mosquitos because they have MOSS for the MOSSquitos species, mosquitos easily takes this by replacing the brain as moss