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Enigmatic Shapeshifter vs Insect

The flowers are in peril. Zombies are mindlessly trampling them into the ground, while also attacking the local creatures that get too close. A tall, six-legged stick with eyes hopes to put an end to this, and as he looks, he sees a figure standing in a thick cloud of black smoke.

Fight is in an area containing multiple flower fields (basically equivalent to the large majority of the Bee Swarm Simulator map)

Speed is equalized and Pathoroth can use the Porcelain Dipper to collect pollen with.

Who wins?
Stick Bug: 0
Pathoroth: 0
Inconclusive: 1 (@Cul0r)
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So how does Pathoroth's Adhesive Manipulation work?
He spawns a small bubble on the ground somewhere in the area which explodes into a larger puddle of that sticky green stuff after a second or two. It slows you down a lot if you walk in it.
Forgot to mention but you should give Pathoroth some kind of tool if you don't want him to passively suffer from the Stick Twig Attack