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Cronus vs Clementine Cloverloth

Ok let's do this.

Cronus Advantages: Better Regenerationn, his claws can do DEVASTATING damage to Clementine, vibration, physically stronger

Clementine: Way smarter, when Cronus refuses to use Rekensaga she has a bigger chance of winning, can just outsmart Cronus and kill him there, better at hand to hand, a weapons expert

Yeah this pretty much goes to Clementine since Cronus would rush in and get himself killed. Maybe Roiyaru can avenge him who knows.
Clementine via Roymaster11's reasoning
Side-by-side analysis as always

Strength: Clementine for being "at least City Level" instead of Cronus who is clearly City Level.

Speed: Speed equalized, gonna skip this.

Durability: Same reasoning as Strength

Intelligence: Clementine from what I see.

Equipment: Cronus for having a defensive equipment

Winner: Clementine with mid-difficulty
Clementine has so much equipment that i doubt Cronus can counter constanly, though that Low-Mid Regen might be a bit troublesome

I still give it to Clem, High or High-Mid Diff
The thread needs at least 3-4 replies with at least 2 votes in favour of a character for a victory
After reading their profiles, I think Clementine has severe advantage. She is considered a combat genius, whereas Cronus, while skilled is known to be dumb at times and rush. Given that Clem also seems to have more versatility, it is very unlikely Cronus can even win barring getting lucky.

Vote Clementine
Clementine seems to have an overall advantage in raw physical stats as well as having many weapons to keep her bases covered in different situations. Plus, as said by others above, Cronus' character works against him here so these can be deciding factors in the match along with what others said.

Voting Clementine as well for this and reasons above.