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Alien X vs Anos Voldigoad

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Round 1: Venuzdonoa is restricted
Round 2: Venuzdonoa is not restricted
Round 3: Venuzdonoa is not restricted, speed is not equalized

Anos is at his true power in all rounds. Alien X is allowed to act without his three personalities having to come to an agreement first.

In the first two rounds, speed is equalized. They fight in a Tetramand Trial of Combat arena.
All three rounds Anos stomps hard, AXs AP/EE is useless against high-godly regen, Anos has conceptual erasure as well as various ways to access AXs pocket reality to hax GG also Anos resists all of AXs most potent hax (including mind hax).

Also what's even the point of R3?, it's borderline a spite battle with one of the most haxed (non-smurf) 2-Bs Vs one of the punching bags of the 2-B tier not to mention infinite speed Vs MFTL+?

Not to sound rude but did you even read the profiles before posting this stomp match?
Not open for further replies.