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zidane tribal

  1. Bware1

    Gwen Teynnyson vs Zidane Tribal

    "You don't need a reason to help people" Rules: Both Combatants at High 5-A Speed is Equalized Who Wins and Why? Gwe: Zidane: Inconclusive: Stomp:
  2. Zer00Negativo

    Final Fantasy IX levels

    This information I already wanted to bring some time ago, which is intended to update the FFIX characters to universal level based on information that I will show. After traveling through Memoria and viewing their memories and the memories of the planet, the party arrives at the Gate to Space...
  3. ElfenGoku

    Terra Branford vs Zidane Tribal

    Too cool for you. Both are bloodlusted. No prep. Scenario 1: Both in base Scenario 2: Both are in Esper/Trance Location: Cell Games Two rounds: Round 1: Speed equal Round 2: Speed unequal Who takes this? vs. If you're a woman, chances are, he'll try to get in your pants, and succeed
  4. Yojimbo1989

    Crono vs Zidane Tribal

    Battle of square protagonists. Both have access to their strongest weapons, equipment and abilities and are in character, Fight can end in death, KO or incapacitation