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zack fair

  1. HST_Master

    Final Fantasy Miscellaneous Revisions

    Gonna get into some stuff so buckle up. Zack World of Final Fantasy 2-A Key: In World of Final Fantasy Zack unlike other Lilikins is stated to be the exact same Zack from FF7, sent to Grymoire after his death via the lifestream and its small amount of Mako connecting Gaia and Grymoire. He'd...
  2. Cyberblader90

    FF7 Fix Part 2

    Nearly full credit to Tarta for this one. Dude is amazing. bare with us, because this crt is LONG Intro This is an upgrade that affects the lower tiers of the Final Fantasy VII verse. This includes 1st and 2nd Class SOLDIER members, early game Zack, Midgar section characters of the original...
  3. Zack Fair Vs. Demitri Maximoff

    Both are 3-C After absorbing Pyron's soul Demitri is used Speed is equalized Zack Fair: Demitri Maximoff: Inconclusive:
  4. Mohammed_Mubarak_Alkhater

    Noob Saibot vs Zack Fair

    Rules: Speed Equalized. Who Do You Believe Will Win?
  5. HST_Master

    Square Enix Showdown: Neku Sakuraba vs Zack Fair

    Speed Equal Battle in The Underground at 104 Zack: 1 Neku:
  6. PaChi2

    Pachi's special battle: Zack Fair vs Link (CONCLUDED: Winner Zack)

    Omg. I cried during both Twilight Princess and Crisis Core. Not kidding. Zack Fair vs Link (Twilight Princess) This is like, one of my favourite heroes (Zack) vs the hero of my favourite game (Twilight Link) and both of them from two of my favourite franchises ever (Final Fantasy and The...
  7. JibanyanMinunFan

    Is Zack more powerful than Cloud?

    So Cloud shares features from Zack and posesses the same sword. They can also use materia giving them access to any kind of ability imaginable (that are held by materias). The big thing I can see giving Zack a better advantage is his DMWs. He can increase his ctritical with Lucky stars, summon...
  8. Night_the_hedgehog

    Zack Fair vs. Anakin Skywalker

    Who would win, Anakin or Zack Fair from Final Fantasy VII?
  9. The_real_cal_howard

    Zack Fair vs Composite Mewtwo

    Speed equalized.