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x parasite

  1. thetechmaster36

    Post-Fusion Samus Minor Revision #3: Techmaster Strikes Back

    Ya boi is back at it one more time since the Metroid brainrot is in full swing at the moment. Alright, so Samus has Non-Physical Interaction in her Metroid Suit key/tab. However, I believe that we should also add Non-Phys Interaction to her Power Suit key. We know that Samus, with her Metroid...
  2. thetechmaster36

    Minor Addition to Post-Fusion Samus #2 (again)

    Yep, I'm doing another one (first thread for reference). Post-Fusion Samus' Power Suit key should have this bit added to her Absorption ability: Should be pretty simple, just like the last thread.
  3. TheMightyJ225

    The X Parasite (Metroid) vs The Flood (Halo)

    My bets go on the X, but go ahead!