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  1. Read_this_post

    Pelinal threatens sans spot as the most overused character

    Speed is equalised Sans has access to his 2017 profile Pelinal has access to wank stemmed from complete confusion in the comments Sans: Pelinal: Inconclusive (staff closes the thread because pelinal is annoying): I just erased the entire underground bish You gave godhead a headache monster
  2. The_King_of_Prudence

    Wankershim verses Wolfgang

    Ultra Wankershim: Unrestricted Wolfgang Schreiber: Inconclusive: 1 (Gargoyle One)
  3. Jasonsith

    Wank that character 2

    Last thread Title says it all. Example: Snake Eyes (G.I. Joe) scales to Starscream and is High 7-A. Deathstroke scales to Superma and is 4-B. Source
  4. Hykuu

    The Review Embrah of Man Kind Upgrade

    Requested by Azathoth, Matthew Schringerdinger,Wankista and ZacharyGrossma "Love the Emperor for He is the salvation of mankind Obey His words for He will lead you into the light of the future Heed His wisdom for He will protect you from evil Whisper His prayers with devotion, for they...
  5. Hykuu

    Brocly Bank Debunjed

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/d/p/3300297438920718407 So a user by the name of Eggnaa (lol loser) decided to do a very big wank for brocolli https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_OT-ahaYbQ he got bodied by goku who can get harmed by rocks monarch of jointland lvl gets bolo'd by dies isis
  6. Holyhotsauce

    SCP Discussion Thread 5

  7. Creaturemaster971

    Characters/Verse you would wank the most

    What character or verse would you wank like there's no tomorrow, and would argue could beat literally anyone if fiction worked like you wanted? Bonus points for characters that are from lower-tier verses overall. For me: Medaka Box characters could outhax anyone else The most badass human...