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urusei yatsura

  1. DimeUhDozen

    Urusei Yatsura Discussion Thread

    With Season 2 of the reboot over the horizon in January, I thought it might be nice to have a discussion thread dedicated to our favorite oni extraterrestrial and her escapades.
  2. Setsuna_tenma

    What tier is this?

    so lum does this with her lighting starts at 9:10
  3. Setsuna_tenma

    What lifting class is this?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QPOs3glsgg&t=1s starts at 6:12
  4. Arekusuripa

    Destiny Production Management Bureau's outfit Immeasurable speed

    Base on this: And they literaly just walk trough sub-space: Also, i think Lum's Fairy Road don't needed - she not use it very often and after all events in sub space Lum and Ataru take away Destiny Production Management Bureau's suit to real world, so be better add to her: interdimensional...
  5. Arekusuripa

    Lum's and aliens durability with inventions

    In first movie stated that barrier which they create, can't be damaged by normal way and only way to harm user is deactivating this fields, which can be done by user only or by someone with same technology. So i guess Lum's durability with inventions should be Unknow. Likely Town level (Survived...
  6. Arekusuripa

    Ataru screwed with reality and dream

    Ataru screwed up again, so the question is how to evaluate it?
  7. Arekusuripa

    Lum destroy a Building

    This is acceptable for change her tier in normal state?
  8. Arekusuripa

    Ataru' Reaction

    This is count as Reaction on a Speed of Light?
  9. Arekusuripa

    Ataru's strength

    As KLOL506 correctly write, Ataru's can tossed aside metal poles, wooden logs, cars, gigantic boulders and has pulled down walls, which would easily guarantee him a Class 5 lifting strength: For the note he do this almost without issue so i consider it as At least Class 5.
  10. Arekusuripa

    Urusei Yatsura character's speed

    Fast question - if main characters slower in move (Shinobu and Mendo is SuperHuman, Ten is Below Average Human) than Ataru and Lum (Subsonic), but can react on his actions/her lightnings and dodge from it, this is give them Massively Hypersonic+ combat speed?
  11. Arekusuripa

    Lum's new key

    At the end of "Lum Forever", after Ataru cuts down centuries-old Sakura in the beginning of the story for filming their movie, the future of the city has been forever connected with the main character (because the city Tomobiki itself chose her for this), and now her consciousness will maintain...
  12. Arekusuripa

    Lum's tier and possibly range change

    Better change Lum to Unknow. Likely 7-B, possibly High 4-C, because most of her inventions very difficult to evaluate. Also, in subspace is no proper time and space, so Lum, her friends along with Mujaki and Ataru with Lum devices (based on 107 episode where she search original Ataru through...
  13. Setsuna_tenma

    A pervert fights a fat bully

    Ataru vs Jimmy
  14. Arekusuripa

    Mujaki minor revision

    Since Mujaki is clearly not limited in his own dimension, it probably gives him some abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Conceptual Existence (He is a living, personified idea made up by the imagination of humans), Limited Reality Warping (Only when he's in Dream) Also i offer new...