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  1. Gemmysaur

    Starcraft Ultralisk Revision

    There is a particular mission in the Zerg campaign that allows the Ultralisk to evolve into its variant strains. One of which, requires it to survive and evolve from a nuke. I'm thinking this would be Small City level (Low 7-B). Thoughts? Feat in questio
  2. Assaltwaffle

    Durability Question

    How durable would one need to be in order to be completely immune to Building level attacks? The Ultralisk is completely immune to Marine fire, for example (only game mechanics allow Marines to harm an Ultralisk; in cinematics they take no damage whatsoever). What durability would this warrant?
  3. DarkMastero

    Ultralisk vs Cyborg Commando (Tiberian Sun)

    Ultralisk vs Cyborg Commando One of the Zerg Swarms heavy-hitters vs Nod's ultimate cyborg. This will be the Tiberian Sun variant of the Cyborg Commando (so no OL-71 "Pilum" Laser, Infiltration module, or vehicle hijacking). Battle takes place near a Tiberium field so Cyborg Commando can...