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unsc infinity

  1. Qawsedf234

    (Halo) UNSC Infinity Main Gun upgrade

    Currently the UNSC Infinity's Super MACs are rated as: However they should be higher. Halo: Shadows of Reach has the following statement on page 240: 3,000 Tons at 0.25c is 8.4258298006577E+21 Joules or Low 6-B. Consider the UNSC Infinity has four Super MACs, it should be Low 6-B with one...

    UNSC Infinity Main Armament Error.

    Just a simple error, the VsBattles wiki page on UNSC Infinity seems to imply and describe the Infinity as using the Mark V Super MAC as her primary weapon, when this is not true. On the Halo wiki and in written lore, it clearly states the main weapon to be the CR-03B Super-Heavy MAC. The...
  3. XING06

    UNSC Infinity Durability?

    Why is the UNSC Infinity's durability at Least 7C Unshielded only for surviving an energy projector hit? An energy projector is 7A isn't it?