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trina riffin

  1. Flashlight237

    Wordgirl vs Trina Riffin

    **** it! They're both at 46 gigatons an they have fairweather ability pools. Main difference is, well... One girl is fairly cute and teaches vocabulary to younger audiences.: The other girl gets pissed off all the damn time and would probably kill you in your sleep!: One has shit range...
  2. Spinoirr

    Sans fights a pink haired girl

    Speed is equal The skeleton: Pink haired girl with anger problems: Icon:
  3. Flashlight237

    The King Meets Another Man... Kinda (King Louie vs Trina Riffin)

    Well, here we go. So King Louie meets up with another human, only this time, not only is this person capable of bringing man's red flower, but she's also more than capable of facing against Louie in hand-to-hand combat. I'm talking Trina Riffin. For this one, speed is equalized and this is Base...
  4. Flashlight237

    Randy Cunningham vs Trina Riffin

    Okay, so I came across Randy Cunningham (one of the many underrated Disney XD cartoons like Camp Lakebottom and Jimmy Two-Shoes) and decided hey, why not pit him against another character from another underrated cartoon? Enter Trina Riffin, a teenager from Grojband who's quite a monster. Yeah...
  5. Flashlight237

    Island-Level One-Hit Wonders (Trina Riffin vs Megumin)

    Okay, so I was gonna hold this off because I've made one too many threads over the last week, but dangit! Curiosity's really taking its toll on me here! Okay, so here's the deal. We have Trina Riffin, a teenager with a hair trigger temper, pitted against Megumin, a wizard who only uses an...
  6. Flashlight237

    Symbol of Justice vs Some P***ed-Off Fire-Quirk User (All Might vs Trina Riffin)

    So yeah, these All Might threads were done to death (just trust me on that one), but whatever. So as we all know, All Might is MHA's most powerful hero, one who represents justice at its core. Needless to say, Trina would be p***ed off over this because, as far as she's concerned (at least in...
  7. Flashlight237

    Out For Veal (Arizona vs Trina Riffin)

    So apparently, Trina is in the mood for a veal steak when attempting a dinner date with her crush: Nick Mallory. Thing was, there was no veal, so being the monster Trina is, Trina decided to go get herself some. As one might expect Trina went to some random-ass pasture to kill a calf. BIG...
  8. Flashlight237

    Love vs Hatred: Sailor Moon vs Trina Riffin

    You know, Todd Kauffman, creator of Grojband, stated that Trina Riffin's Diary Mode was oddly inspired by Sailor Moon's henshin transformations. I figured that would be a good reason to set a match up here. Here, we have Sailor Moon: the Guardian of Love vs Trina Riffin: a monster who hates...
  9. Flashlight237

    Trina's Diary Mode Abilities: What Exactly Are They?

    So yeah, looking back at Trina Riffin's Diary Mode, I was trying to understand what exactly some of Trina's abilities were, namely I'm trying to figure out what exactly a few of those abilities are. That aside, I've managed to gather two videos featuring Trina's Diary Mode fits on the official...
  10. Flashlight237

    Trina Riffin Destroying Mountains (External Calc Fixing)

    So yeah, here's the deal. When I first calc'd Trina's strongest feat in the Outskirts Battledome, I had basically no idea what I was doing. After some corrections, I managed to calculate the feat with a more reasonable time frame, but after recently looking back at the scene with the...
  11. Flashlight237

    Yuno Gasai vs Trina Riffin

    So yeah, this is a match that's been on my mind since 2015. What can I say? From what I've gathered, here are the similarities I got from these two. 1. Both Yuno and Trina have obtained godlike abilities from their respective gods (Yuno won the 1st World's survival games while Trina was born...