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touta konoe

  1. Novaslayer232

    Izuku vs Touta

    so i wanted to know if deku could fight someone that basicaly a final boss in the shape of the protagonist speed = win condition knock out location- inverse mars 100% full cowl Post Dana training izuku touta
  2. Vampire_Vamp

    Kagura Mikazuchi (Fairy Tail) vs Touta Konoe (UQHOLDER!)

    Kagura vs Touta Both High 7-A versions Speed is equal I think this might be a bad match (like all my vs threads) given Toutas immortality types 1 and 3
  3. Fpinheiro96

    Touta's page upgrade.

    It's been awhile since someone has upgraded this page and the UQ Holder manga has advanced quite a bit, with Touta becoming stronger and getting new techniques. So can someone upgrade his page?
  4. Vampire_Vamp

    Souei vs Touta Konoe

    People seem to be fed up with Rimuru versus so heres a good one since physical stats aren't an issues Both High 7 A versions, win by death or incap. Intangibility restricted Soei Vs Touta Konoe
  5. Ruminas_Valentine

    I Wonder If Touta Can Be Upgraded

    After reading the latest chapters, do you think Touta could be upgraded, clearly He's stronger. As he absolutely owned fate
  6. DodoNova2

    Konoe Touta Speed

    Well the calculation whichI made seems to be accepted but I need you to know what value to Use, thank you
  7. Damage3245

    UQ Holder! Combat Speed Revision

    Based on the latest chapter (144) and the calc made for a feat in that chapter of Kuromaru slicing up several warheads at high speed (as the missiles were travelling at 10km/s). Kuromaru's combat speed appears to be Massively Hypersonic...