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titans (race)

  1. OriginFox

    The Real World Vs Titans

    The Real World VS Titans Round 1: No prep time, no knowledge, no nukes Round 2: 3 month prep time, limited knowledge, no nukes Rouns 3: 5 month prep time, extensive knowledge of titans, nukes allowed
  2. GenericGamerName

    Phosphene Gas VS Titans from AOT, also does napalm work?

    lets say the Survey corps is effing sick of getting eaten so they make phosphene gas and napalm and use it against the titans instead of becoming snacks. they may be invulnerable to gunfire, but nothing about ruptering lungs.
  3. Ghuttsu

    10 meter pure titan from attack on titan vs a t-850

    The t-850 get's to use anything at his disposal. the titan sees the t-850 as a threat. speed unequalized.
  4. Therefir

    Attack on Titan Upgrades

    Going straight to the point, this revision is based on this explosio created by the Colossal Titan falling on Reiner and Ere, since Reiner was able to withstand the explosion at point-blank, his durability should be upgraded to "High 8-C". Now, while it's true that Eren's Titan is less durable...
  5. Abscoolguy

    hulk (2003) vs titans

    9-A, how many titans will hulk smash before dieing/ turning human
  6. Abscoolguy

    the giants vs the titans

    attack on titan vs grimm's fairy tales 200 titans vs 50 giants (as titans are weaker)
  7. Pepper14832

    How badly would modern era humanity be affected by Titans (SNK/AOT)?

    So, in my opinion, I think it would be similar to a zombie apocolapse. Titans would appear in major cities all over the world, without notice. Humanity at first would not know that slicing the nape kills them entirely. But I'm sure with modern tech it be a lot easier. What you think?
  8. The_real_cal_howard

    Titans (AoT downgrade

    From what I remember, they can easily destroy houses instead of full fledged buildings, which is 9-A, and they can't get through Eren's boulder, which is also 9-A
  9. The_real_cal_howard

    Titans vs Huey and Riley Freeman

    The boys get one week prep time. This is only the normal titans. Variants are there, but no shifters or the beast titan. Can these two kids take on 100 of these monsters?
  10. Aparajita

    Jurassic Park vs Titans.

    The Titans wind up on the Island of the New Jurassic Park, consisting of dinosaurs from each of the Islands. Will the Titans end up clearing, or will the Dinosaurs prove their right to be the predators of Humanity? Rules: the Titans must kill all living dinosaurs in the verse, while the...
  11. Xenomorphios

    scp 096 vs Titans (AoT)

    The titans mistake Shy guy as a human, they stare at its face Shy guy beco mes bloodlusted (it is usually bloodlusted if you look at it's face) Will Shy Guy manage to kill every single Titan? VS
  12. DeathBattleMike

    Titans (AoT) vs. RWBYverse

    vs. Who wins?
  13. WeeklyBattles

    The Grimm vs The Titans

    No one knows where they came from or why they're here. They simply kill humans for the sake of killing and dissolve into nothing when they die. 1 Goliath, 1 Nevermore, 2 Death Stalkers, 3 King Taijitus, 4 Ursa (1 Major, 3 Minor), 8 Beowolves (1 Elder, 7 Younger), 2 Boarbatusks, and 4 Creeps vs...