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the wonderful 101

  1. Ionliosite

    Flynn vs. Jergingha

    Flyn vs. Jergingha Speed equalized Early-Game Flynn and Geath-Wahksay will be used All other SBA Who wins and why?
  2. The_Smashor

    Jergingha vs Future Warrior: Time for Low 4-C to get some action

    Since we need some matchups to decide some of the spots for Low 4-C, here's this. Rules: Speed Equalized. This is Ginyu Force Arc FW. Otherwise SBA. Jergingha: Future Warrior: Inconclusive:
  3. Starter_Pack

    Kecleon vs. Laambo (A War Lizard Fights A Stealth Lizard) (Voting Completed)

    Finally creating a Pokémon profile caused me to want to pin it against another character right away. And then, I realized there was another lizard character at the exact same tier as my new character, and they seem to be a pretty good match. So, will this new character be able to overcome this...
  4. TeenAngel101

    Eugene Sims vs Wonder Black

    Both are High 6-C and Speed Equalized Eugene cannot use pocket dimensions Who wins and why? Eugene: Wonder-Black: Inconclusive:
  5. ArbitraryNumbers

    Stormtroopers vs Dough-Goos

    Dough-Goo Stormtrooper 15 Dough-Goos with one Chew-Dough Goo, and 12 Stormtroopers. Speed is equalized (If needed), no Kuzzlers or You-Houghs are used, and the Stormtroopers don't have High 8-C weapons.
  6. ArbitraryNumbers

    Prince Vorkken vs Kenshiro

    Kenshiro Prince Vorkke Both are High 6-C, and speed is equalized. Victory is to be achieved by incap, KO, or death, and the fight takes place in a mountainous, post-apocalyptic wasteland. Kenshiro won't use the Muso Tensei or the Tenra right away, but will use it later on if push comes to...
  7. ArbitraryNumbers

    Captain Falcon vs Gah-Goojin

    Captain Falco Gah-Gooji Both are 7-B, the Gah-Goojin has a Cough-Foon Assault Ship equipped as a replacement for its arm, fight takes place in Central Park, speed is equalized, and victory is to be achieved via incap, death, or KO.
  8. ArbitraryNumbers

    Prince Vorkken vs Black Shadow

    Prince Vorkke Black Shadow Both are at High 7-C. Speed is equalized, and victory is to be achieved via incap, KO, or death.
  9. ArbitraryNumbers

    Greninja vs Wonder-White

    Conditions: Wonder-White is in his unlimited form and has 100 other Wonderful Ones that he can use for Unite Morphs. This means High 7-C Wonder-White with 7-A+ Unite Morphs. Both characters are in-character, speed is equalized, starting distance of 25 meters and victory is achieved by any means.
  10. ArbitraryNumbers

    Pikachu vs Wonder-Blue

    Round 1 Conditions: Wonder-Blue is in his unlimited form, and has an army of 100 Wonderful Ones at his side. This means we're using High 7-C Wonder-Blue with 7-A+ Unite Morphs. Pikachu CAN use Z Moves Speed is equalized 25 meter starting distance In characer, but willing to kill Victory by any...
  11. ArbitraryNumbers

    Wonder-Red vs Eugene Sims

    Conditions: Wonder-Red has an army of 100 other Wonderful Ones, not including Wonder-Blue, Wonder-Green, Wonder-Pink, etc. Wonder-Red is in his Unlimited Form, which means he's High 7-C with 7-A+ Unite Morphs. Eugene is not in the Digital Realm Both are bloodlusted 100 meter starting distance...
  12. ArbitraryNumbers

    Bayonetta vs Wonder-Red

    Battle of the iconic characters made by Platinum Games. Speed is Equalized, and 7-B Bayonetta with her summons will be used. Bayonetta Wonder-Red
  13. ArbitraryNumbers

    Porygon-Z vs Wonder-Jergingha

    Speed is equalized. Both are 7-A+. Porygon-Z has full access to its entire learnset and is willing to use any of its moves if the situation calls for it. Porygon-Z Wonder-Jergingha
  14. ArbitraryNumbers

    Vaaiki vs Bacteriophage

    Speed is equalized. Fight takes place inside Vorkken's body. A Bacteriophage enters Vorkken's body. Vaaiki perceives it as yet another meddler trying to stop him from destroying the immune system.
  15. ArbitraryNumbers

    Vaaiki vs Cell

    A meager little creature encounters Vaaiki inside of Vorkken's body. Vaaiki sees it as another meddler trying to stop it from destroying the immune system. Speed is equalized. The Cell is sized down to Vaaiki, but has all of its available parts on its body. Both of them are bloodlusted.