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the merciless

  1. Peppersalt43

    Ares corrupted JL members fight {PENDING REVISION}

    Evil Ares Batman : 0 Neutral Ares Wonder Woman : 0 Incon : 0 God of War WW used Speed equalized Fight takes place in The Merciless' Batcave WW has prior knowledge Merciless' mind hax is very troublesome until I realized, he's not gonna use it on a Wonder Woman? Why not make him fight another WW?
  2. Peppersalt43

    Inverted character arcs (Tempest Shadow vs The Merciless)

    4-B versions used Speed equalized Fight takes place in the Everfree Forest, 20 meters apart Evil Ares Batman : 7 Unicorn Amputee : 0 Incon : 0 Story below "Dear princess Twilight, I am writing this to you today to remind you of my temporary return. Throughout my journey, I have learned...
  3. Elizio33

    Resistance for the Dark Multiverse Characters

    All the characters from the Dark Multiverse should have Resistance to Energy Manipulation since the energy of the Multiverse do nothing to the energy of the Dark Multiverse (At least the energies of the twisted dark universes) and Limited Invulnerability as stated by Devastator, the denizens of...
  4. C2_of_Omegon

    M & M: Captain Marvel vs. The Merciless

    Speed Equalized. Modern Marvel. SBA otherwise. Wannabe Flagship Character: Darker & Edgier Batman Clone #504: Nuts to this match:
  5. C2_of_Omegon

    Profiles for the Dark Knights and their scalings...

    Hi, all. So we have several profiles for members of the Dark Knights of the Dark Multiverse from DC Comics (The Batman Who Laughs, The Drowned, & The Merciless). As such we still don't have any for The Devastator, The Murder Machine, The Dawnbreaker or the Red Death. I've decided to do something...
  6. C2_of_Omegon

    Superman vs. Batman

    Superman (Post-Flashpoint) vs. The Merciless Fight takes place in Metropolis. Otherwise SBA. What the- BATMAN?! Not like any you've seen...
  7. Elizio33

    Dark Multiverse Characters

    According to this: https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ja4gEZgEyEo/WrtIqnH978I/AAAAAAAAVko/1y6TArd_b_AuU6fltmxaXoBNEB5y2HPUwCHMYCw/s1600/RCO015.jpg https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-B4FoFyLqiKk/WrtIsHBF2TI/AAAAAAAAVk0/zx0OrhZKZQQlog27jBlyEeY_CJsiEm3ZQCHMYCw/s1600/RCO018.jpg...
  8. C2_of_Omegon

    A Batman fights a Space Marine

    The Merciless vs. Lucius the Eternal Speed is equalized. Fight takes place at the Cell Games arena. They start 5 fight from each other. If the Merciless kills Lucius first, it counts as his win, regardless of what happens after.