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the grotesquery

  1. SunDaGamer

    Maybe a little bit higher

    The Grotesquery had the torso of a faceless one and had body parts of other rare animals, but I think putting him at 9-B is a little low, sure Skulduggery, Tanith and Mr. Bliss was able to push it back but he had fended them off and only Mr. Bliss was able to fight on par with him. The Torment...
  2. Monarch_Laciel

    Saiyan God Goku VS God Cloth Saint Seiya

    Two gods. Sounds fair enough. Full power for both, both bloodlusted, speed unequal... No. Obviously I'm getting on the bait train that Cal so happily started. This fight is the Grotesquery VS Butcher XIV Because more multipowered 9-B matchups are needed
  3. Monarch_Laciel

    The Grotesquery VS Sans

    Because putting them against popular characters is the only way to get people commenting on the less common characters Hybrid VS Skeleto Battle takes place in Judgment Hall Both bloodlusted Speed Equalised Battle start