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the destroyer (marvel comics)

  1. LordGriffin1000

    Elyon (W.I.T.C.H.) vs The Destroyer (Marvel Comics) (0-7-0) (Grace)

    The Light of Meridian vs The Destroyer 2-A versions (Crown of Light Elyon vs Odin's Soul Destroyer), Speed is Equalized, Both in Character. Elyon: The Destroyer (Marvel Comics): 7 (Confluctor, The Impress, sanicspood, Peppersalt43, Mariogoods, Vizer04, DaimaouAshura) Inconvenience:
  2. Prdiksudik

    Odin possibly upgrade to 2A with destroyer

    If Destroyer got upgrade, why not Odin with Destroyer didn´t get upgrade
  3. Matěj_Suda

    Tier of Destroyer

    What tier is destroyer with all power and energy asgard And what tier is destroyer if he gets souls of all allfathers and allmothers + elder gods (gaea)
  4. Chronoaiswaifu

    (GRACE) The Destroyer vs The Fury

    E V O L U T I O N: I N V U L N E R A B I L I T Y: Incon: 7 Speed = Detroyer with council of godheads' power fight takes place on asgard
  5. Ocean7447

    Mangog Upgrade

    In the newest Issue of Mighty Thor, Mangog got some Insane feats. With a single punch he destroyed the Rainbow Bridge. How big is the Rainbow Bridge? Odin created it to be the same distance from Asgard to Earth And how big is that? The distance was described as "Endless Galaxies"
  6. RadicalMrR

    Magetta Vs The Destroyer

    Both 4-B Speed equalized Universe Tournament Arena Win by any means necessary
  7. LoudCloud

    The Destroyer's durability

    Why does the Destroyer have multi-galaxy durability for his own page under "Odin's Soul" but Odin's page says he has Universe-level durability when wearing it?
  8. Cropfist

    Lyfia vs The Destroyer

    They both have Odin's soul.
  9. AnimeFanboy2916

    Son Goku vs The Destroyer(Marvel)

    Who wins!? Bloodlusted Goku! Win by death or KO!