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the bakery (cookie clicker)

  1. Alexander

    Cookie clicker revision (it needs it for real)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:Saikou_The_Lewd_King/Sandbox3 seriosly are we gonna applied this?The page has been outdated for years now, we need to update it (specially when the game has at least 10 years)
  2. Saikou_The_Lewd_King

    cookies (Upgrade)

    tl;dr nothing in life matters anymore and I do what I want. So we currently have a Cookie Clicker profile. I won't call it ass but it is... lacking. It never goes into detail, it's missing lots of abilities, its tier only takes the absolute highest end instead of each specific...
  3. Tots_Real

    A Man Who just Wants to Bake Cookies vs an Eldergod

    The Bakery (Cookie Clicker) Vs The Scarlet King https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Bakery_(Cookie_Clicker) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Scarlet_King Speed Equalized The Scarlet King is in the way of production The Bakery has full knowledge of who the King is and his abilities This...
  4. Axxtentacle

    The Bakery tries to solo your verse

    The Bakery attempts to turn your verse into cookies. The Bakery is given all of it’s abilities, fully maxed out upgrades, etc etc. There will be no prep time for The Bakery, and no prep time for anything it’s versing, unless it’s a character whose whole shtick is having prep time. Just a fun...
  5. MrSir4

    Game update

    The game had an update some new stuff that's all.
  6. The_New_God

    Thanos vs. The Bakery

    High 2-A, speed equalized Who will win?
  7. Idol_of_Legend_and_Elimination

    Mxy attempts to take over the Bakery

    Who will win?
  8. Idol_of_Legend_and_Elimination

    Wormhole aliens attenpt to invade a bakery part 2

    Continued from here: https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/2089861 Both at High 2-A Speed equalized Who will win? ________________ Prophets of Bajor: 0 The Bakery: 2 (Saikou, Calaca) Tasty!
  9. ZacharyGrossman273

    High 2-A Comedy Civs: Bakery VS Galactic Government

    Civilization fight! Cookies: 0 Bad Poetry: 1 Incon: 0
  10. Sound_of_Infinity

    Wormhole aliens attempt to invade a bakery

    Both at High 2-A Speed equalized Who will win? ________________ Prophets of Bajor: 0 The Bakery: 2 (Saikou, Calaca) Tasty!
  11. Phoenix821

    The Bakery Vs The Player (Stellaris)

    The Bakery (Cookie Clicker): 0 The Player (Stellaris): 7 (ZacharyGrossman273, Nedge1000, Jockey-1337, Mr. Bambu, Starter Pack, Jamesthetaker, GurbanecShabanadze) Inconclusive: 0
  12. Promestein

    Cookie Clicker: Baker stuff

    Baker's wanked. High 2-A~High 1-C is based off of a single very vague statement. "Immortality (Type 1, 3, 5 and 8), Regenerationn (Mid-Godly)" Why? Completely unsubstantiated. "Fate Manipulation (Can trap you in a Infinite loop)" Not how that works. Don't know why it has Causality...
  13. Phoenix821

    The Baker Vs The Doctor

    Both High 1C The Baker (Cookie Clicker): 0 The Doctor (Doctor Who): 3 (ZacharyGrossman273, GyroNutz, Paulo.junior.969) Inconclusive: 0
  14. Hykuu

    Anti spiral Vs A Baker

    The Anti spiral Vs The Baker (Cookie Clicker) High 1-C keys Used Both bloodlusted Intel on Battle takes place in Cookie Clicker Verse